New York, NY: Today ShapeNet Software, a New Jersey based business offering health club management software, launched a mobile app that allows members of fitness and wellness centers to be able to access their membership information, schedule personal training sessions, register for classes and pay fees online. Push Notifications and Refer a Friend options are also available. The app is an important tool to keep members active and participating in their wellness program.

ShapeNet Software founder, Larry King said this about the app, “Our goal at ShapeNet Software is to help fitness and wellness centers maintain and expand their membership to keep their clients healthy. Although Americans are living longer, not everyone is experiencing a high quality of a healthy lifestyle. With the cost of healthcare climbing ever higher, it is important to keep Americans active into their golden years. ShapeNet Software is a cloud based health and wellness center management software that keeps owners in contact with their members which keeps members participating in their fitness programs.”

ShapeNet Software has been serving fitness club owners for 14 years. They recently began working with wellness centers such as “Nifty Over Fifty” to help keep older clients active.

King continues, “We adapted our software to work with wellness centers because it made good sense. To our knowledge, we are one of the few management software systems to do so. We believe that the investment was worth the effort because at the end of the day it will keep Americans active and reduce their need for hospitalization.”

The app was the logical next step to making fitness management easier because it is geared toward the end user.

“People have very busy lives and too often that translates into people missing wellness appointments or not scheduling them at all because they don’t have the time to wait on the telephone. This app allows members to self-manage their membership, track their schedule, sign up for classes, purchase sessions and manage their billing. It puts their wellness right on their phone – at their fingertips. The app will even remind them of appointments or the fact that their membership is about to expire. Keeping in constant contact with members makes them more likely to participate.”

“At ShapeNet Software, we are not just a software supplier – we are a software partner.”