Martin Fareri, President/Owner of Westchester Martial Arts

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“Quality Company, Quality Software Package”

“I selected this software after researching other software packages because of the flexibility and customization offered to me. Set up was very easy and the support team at ShapeNet walked me through the entire process. I also appreciate the post support I received from my coaching team at ShapeNet. They are very easy to contact and any issues or questions I had/have are responded to very quickly and at times followed up by an email and or a phone call. To date I have no negative experiences with the software or the support services. In summary, I really enjoy the flexibility in the functionality of the package as I am beginning to roll out new programs at my facility and thy ShapeNet package allows me to easily integrate all aspects of my business! I must add a “Shout Out” to the 2 people at ShapeNet who exceeded my expectations and are always available to me if I need them. Teri Portello & Lisa Falkenstein, Thank you for making my business transistion to Shapenet a success and a great experience!”