Club Management Software


Tonya Rocho, Founder of Rock Solid Wellness Studio, LLC

“User friendly!” “This program is so user friendly and amazing on how you can use the software to meet your needs, even if you are small facility. What I love the most about this software is the customer service and prompt attention to all, and any of my issues I may have. No matter how small or how big my problem may be I get a resolution right away. Because of the amazing softeware and awesome customer service, the investment is well worth every penny. So awesome, thank you ShapeNet.”

Martin Fareri, President/Owner of Westchester Martial Arts

“Quality Company, Quality Software Package” “I selected this software after researching other software packages because of the flexibility and customization offered to me. Set up was very easy and the support team at ShapeNet walked me through the entire process. I also appreciate the post support I received from my coaching team at ShapeNet. They are very easy to contact and any issues or questions I had/have are responded to very quickly and at times followed up by an email and or a phone call. To date I have no negative experiences with the software or the support services. In … Continued

Audra Shultz, Manager at UCHealth Medical Fitness

“An improvement from our old system, but still lacking in some areas.” Pros “It’s internet based and accessible from anywhere. This has been a game changer for our department! I can work off-site, which has been wonderful! Customer support is light years better than our old system!” Cons “Appearance needs an update and ease of use is still lacking in some areas. While customer support does get back to us quickly, sometimes the answer is “sorry, there is nothing we can do about that problem.” I wish the team would take more initiative on improving their product and listening to … Continued

Jen Zamora, Wellness Administrative Supervisor of Cantrell Wellness Center

“ShapeNet transformed the way we do business- it has made us more productive and efficient; Efficiency, streamlining of tasks, simplified process, automation of what was once long, drawn out processes” Pros “ShapeNet automated and simplified processes for us ranging from billing to sending out customer satisfaction surveys. The client services representatives at ShapeNet work hard to address concerns and handle any issues that arise. With quarterly releases, there are constant improvements to an already great interface, functionality, and reporting.” Cons “The only downside to ShapeNet is that the only way for payment integration is to go through their third-party merchant. Though … Continued

Bob D’Andrea and Mike D’Andrea from T3 Performance

Bob- “Great experience using the system and customer support. Some issues with reports and functions.” Mike- “I have been running ShapeNet for several years for my training business. The software is easy to use and easy to navigate. We’ve looked at other platforms out there, but between the software itself and the customer service it was a no brainer. ” Pros Bob- “System features, data capture and reporting functions are excellent. System downtime is minimal. The financial data and downloads are a great feature excellent.” Cons “Needs better integration of features to allow easier and quicker data input during busy … Continued

Bo Railey, Owner of Exercise Inc

“ShapeNet is the best software for anyone running a personal training business. ” Pros “The customization is awesome. I have been able to tailor the system to fit my business. It is also very easy to learn and use.”   Cons “The customer service could be a lot better. The system is down or slow a lot more than it should be. ”  

Amanda Leung, Owner of The Gym 24/7

“New to using the software. Been using it since the new year when I took over a business.” Pros “It is pretty easy to use, I like that I can use it from anywhere which is nice with a 24 hour gym because I don’t need to be there all the time and can use it from home.   Cons “My small gym may not need all of the features available, so it might be more, and cost more, than what I need.”  

Lisa Schetter, General Manager of Roseville Health & Wellness Center

“ShapeNet software has saved me time while giving me the comfort of knowing memberships and services” Pros “The functionality of syncing services with trainer sessions and payroll all together. Saves time by not using all the excel spreadsheets I use to have in place” Cons “Corporate account membership billing procedures need attention. When printing invoice for a company with services and monthly dues there is no way to post a partial payment or even print one page bill. The monthly invoice is 20 pages long”  

Ann Coopersmith, Owner of Reps For Life

“Great customer service. Pro active with their clients.  ” Pros “Easy to use. Easy to figure out. I learned most of what i know from, playing around with software” Cons “There are a lot of functions that I haven’t had time to learn. So I could be getting more for my business if I spent some time doing webinars”    

Wayne Yetman, Owner of Rise Health & Fitness

“Very good company that is constantly expanding and improving the product. ” Pros “The product is easy to use and a great value. They are constantly working to expand and improve the system.” Cons “Occasional down time can be frustrating with less than satisfactory communication regarding the problem.”

Ali Neyman, Administator of Fit one

“Works well for our business” Pros “It has several features that are useful, and the customer service is great. Great response time on issues.” Cons “There can be too many steps to get to a simple task,; the knowledge base is out of date and not helpful for several issues- causing you to need to submit another support ticket.”

Jeff Bovard, Owner of Bee Fit Health Club

“I wouldn’t be able to run my business without Shape. It makes my day to day so much easier. ” Pros “The customer support team is amazing. I like that you can do so much with the billing and I like a lot of the different functions within the software.” Cons “The number of steps required to put members into system. Can be complex to train employees; some of the functions are just too complicated to train. ”      

Mike Bahel, Owner of Body Tech Health & Fitness

“I love shape net for its functions, now that I have experience with it.” Pros “It allows our staff to easily read the details and status of each member. Implementing takes about 3 minutes, which is nice.” Cons “The functions are relatively scattered and difficult. Especially the class calendar and scheduling and ease of use for packages purchased and user scheduling. Also, it’s difficult to find the website for individuals since there is another ShapeNet company in the search. It would also be nice if, when purchased, someone would come on site to show how to use many of the … Continued

Raphael Marcantoni, Owner of Ground Control

“Love the software and its customer tracking.” Pros “Features and the new app. I also like the reports that are available including all the financial reports, democratic reports and the marketing reports.” Cons “I can’t call and get a person on the phone. I need to leave a message or put in a ticket. Takes too long. Customer support needs help.

Marisa Hoff, General Manager of Stevenson Fitness

“We enjoy the team – they have always been very helpful.  The software has a lot of functionality.” “Great value – great functionality – open to feedback and lots of help.” Pros “It has a lot of features that I haven’t even begun to explore.   I also like that Shape is open to suggestions and very helpful with issues.” Cons “It is not very intuitive and we find it difficult to train new employees.  It has a very large learning curve.  Some processes are a little cumbersome and could use some quicker shortcuts etc.”

Ed Weihenmayer, Owner of World Gym Pensacola & Cantonment

“Superior Product and Service, Better member retention” Pros “Best customer service that I have ever experienced.  I like the constant improvements to the system.” Cons “That I didn’t use this software many years earlier. ”  

Elite Fitness Concepts

I originally used Checkfree software. I believe ShapeNet Software has the best system and client support available in the industry.

Dynamic Fitness Center

Excellent customer service has almost become a thing of the past. We consumers have grown accustomed to outsourced customer service departments and faceless, electronic “help.” The client support service team at Shape Net Software actually goes above

Gold’s Gym in VA

ShapeNet provides us the software and client service we need to help us grow and evolve our business. They handle all of our billing at our clubs which helps us to focus more of our attention on

One to One Fitness

  Hi I’m Cabel McElderry, Director of One to One Fitness in Red Deer Alberta Canada. I’ve been working with Larry and the guys at ShapeNet for a couple years now. It’s actually been a integral part of our business and if I have to give you one reason why, it’s simply because we get to work with them on that grass root level. So when we need something new added to the program, they’ll go build it for us. You really can’t get that kind of involvement with a stand alone piece of software.

Nifty After Fifty

We have been using ShapeNet software since 2006 and they have helped our organization grow to 38 locations.Their software helps us to manage our valuable member data along with providing extremely useful reports. ShapeNet is our software partner as they have worked with us to customize useful functions and reports that brings tremendous value to our business as we continue to grow.

Body By Colaw

The one thing we love the most is that the system helps us to be a Paperless Business. All of our business information from accounts payable/receivable to memberships, assessments, training, and even logging incoming and outgoing calls for later reference are all located on one system. Having a web based gym management system is definitely the way to go. This gives us access to our facility and how operations are functioning even when we are away from the office. Thanks again for your Outstanding Customer Service and continual changes that keep our system up to date with changes in the … Continued

Gold’s Gym

“ is an unbelievably powerful tool for membership management in the clubs we support. Additionally, it has enabled us to improve member relations in these clubs by utilizing the Shape system in conjunction with our Call Center. Lastly, the clubs have experienced an immediate increase to their bottom line since Shape allows us to handle internally the billing and collections as part of our full service support program. Improved efficiency, happier members and increased profitability – a winning combination with Shape!”