Any gym can gain clients in January – with ShapeNet Software you can keep them signing up all year long.

New Years’ resolutions are to gym memberships what the prediction of snow storms are to bread, egg and milk distributors. It’s the psychological trigger that gets people motivated to participate. But once February rolls around, the frenzy begins to fizzle and people settle back into their daily routines, forgetting all about the promises they made to make this year a healthy one. Successful gym owners know that the best marketing tool at their disposal is a committed member who achieves his/her goal of fitness. Sure it’s great to see that influx of cash from post-holiday membership sales, but that cash … Continued

Being a Better Gym Manager

Using an awesome club management system is certainly an efficient way to being a great gym manager because anyone that manages a gym knows there are a lot of things to do: employee wages, class schedules, personal training schedules, marketing tactics, products, and member retention, just to name a few. So how can one be a better gym manager when having a club management system simplifies the grind of gym management? There is one thing that a club management system cannot do and that is developing professional relationships with employees and clients. Manage your employees fairly and with respect. Don’t play … Continued

Extending Your Reach and Retaining

Your fitness club has likely signed up lots of new members earlier this year, and that’s certainly great for business. However, now that some time has passed since the New Year, some of these “New Year” members may have realized that starting the resolution to gain a fitter lifestyle was much easier than committing to fulfill it. Perhaps they do not have the commitment, time, planning, and hard work needed. And this realization may cause them to cancel their membership, which is certainly something you do not want. So how do you keep these “New Year” members? One of the critical elements … Continued

A New Feature: CRM

What is CRM? It is an acronym for ‘Customer Relationship Management,’ which in layman’s terms means a must have tool for fitness centers looking to grow their business. And ShapeNet’s club management software now offers this essential tool. Our CRM provides your business with a system that manages customer interactions, for current clients and future clients. The system will organize sales data, marketing data, and customer service data into a simple summary which you can utilize to improve whatever areas of your business is needed. And the best part of all, our CRM can organize the data on a day to day … Continued

Restoring Stability to Your Club

There are a few signs that your fitness facility may be failing: the decline of membership sales, the increase of membership cancellations, and/or the disapproval of your facility from members. If you are experiencing any of those signs, and hopefully not all three signs, you’ll need to ask yourself as a fitness facility owner and a business person a few questions and you’ll have to be brutally honest with yourself. Important Questions to Ask Yourself 1. Would you consider your facility a viable business? Take a look at your equipment. If you have equipment that’s worn out and patched with … Continued

Are you a Billing Company or a Health Club?

Management software plays an important role in the effective growth of your business. A major component of your software is the billing process and many fitness facility owners are confused about this component. A commonly asked question is ‘Should I manage my own billing or should I let someone else handle it for me?’ If you align yourself with the correct software system and billing process, and ask the right questions, you will be able to retain members and minimize your processing costs. There are nine important elements that are part of an effective and successful billing process for your … Continued

Management Software and Member Retention

How are your membership sales working out for your team at the club? Let’s say, for example, you are meeting your monthly sales goals of 30 new members a month. That should position your gym to grow very nicely. But wait !!! You need to ask one other very important question:. HOW IS YOUR MEMBER RETENTION? If you are selling 30 memberships and losing 30 every month, you will have a hard time growing your business. Selling 20 and losing 10 a month, is better than selling 50 and losing 50. I think we can all now see how important … Continued