What is The Role of a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a fitness and health professional who is highly educated and certified to train people who aspire to be healthy and fit. Their job is to provide training programs that people can implement in their daily schedule and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They also encourage the trainees to change their eating habits such as food and supplements so that they can maintain a healthy life. So, the ones who are fitness conscious and want to seek help and go through proper training under the guidance of a professional should choose the best personal trainer that help them avail … Continued

A New Feature: CRM

What is CRM? It is an acronym for ‘Customer Relationship Management,’ which in layman’s terms means a must have tool for fitness centers looking to grow their business. And ShapeNet’s club management software now offers this essential tool. Our CRM provides your business with a system that manages customer interactions, for current clients and future clients. The system will organize sales data, marketing data, and customer service data into a simple summary which you can utilize to improve whatever areas of your business is needed. And the best part of all, our CRM can organize the data on a day to day … Continued

11 Must Have Features for Personal Training Software

A fitness facility like a karate club, a yoga studio or a gym, that isn’t using a club management software to manage their training programs are missing out on opportunities to grow their business. Good personal training software will effectively save you time with your daily operations. A good software will provide tools to involve more members (or training studio clients) in the training program which will increase your business. And more importantly, a good software will offer additional services to members to generate additional monthly revenue for your facility. The following are 11 must-have features to look for in … Continued