Relationship Between a Gym Software and your Fitness Facility’s Revenue

Like any other business, a fitness facility also depends on revenue and client base. Whether it is a gym, karate club, health club, or even a yoga studio, it all comes to profits in the end. There are various ways to increase financial benefits from your facility. It includes new marketing strategies, hiring sales personnel, advertisement and lots more. But, only few people know about the more advanced way of it which is known as a gym software. Purchasing a gym software for your fitness facility can be the best decision you can make for increase in your revenue as … Continued


New York, NY: Today ShapeNet Software, a New Jersey based business offering health club management software, launched a mobile app that allows members of fitness and wellness centers to be able to access their membership information, schedule personal training sessions, register for classes and pay fees online. Push Notifications and Refer a Friend options are also available. The app is an important tool to keep members active and participating in their wellness program. ShapeNet Software founder, Larry King said this about the app, “Our goal at ShapeNet Software is to help fitness and wellness centers maintain and expand their membership … Continued

Any gym can gain clients in January – with ShapeNet Software you can keep them signing up all year long.

New Years’ resolutions are to gym memberships what the prediction of snow storms are to bread, egg and milk distributors. It’s the psychological trigger that gets people motivated to participate. But once February rolls around, the frenzy begins to fizzle and people settle back into their daily routines, forgetting all about the promises they made to make this year a healthy one. Successful gym owners know that the best marketing tool at their disposal is a committed member who achieves his/her goal of fitness. Sure it’s great to see that influx of cash from post-holiday membership sales, but that cash … Continued

JCC Association of North America in Baltimore, MD May 15-17, 2016

ShapeNet Software will be demonstrating its product at the JCC Association of North America in Baltimore, MD May 15-17 ShapeNet Software was voted “Best of the Best” by Club for its all-in-one cloud based club management system provides client a wide range of management services including: Sales CRM; Membership Retention by Email; Easy Online Enrollment and Personal Training. ShapeNet Software is the only system to offer clients profit sharing with their EFT billing.

National Independent Health Club Association – April 26-27, 2016

ShapeNet Club Software will attend the National Independent Health Club Association (NIHCA) trade show in New Brighton, MN, April 26-27 to demonstrate its Cloud based software which provides clients with complete systems to manage their health clubs. ShapeNet Software was voted “Best of the Best” by Club because they provide client a wide range of management services including EFT and profit sharing with member late fees. ShapeNet Software also provides a portal to allow members to register for class, schedule PT, purchase services and so much more. They also offer: Sales CRM; Membership Retention by Email; Easy Online … Continued

IHRSA 2016 trade show in Orlando, Florida, March 22-23, 2016

ShapeNet Software – voted “Best of the Best” by Club for its all-in-one cloud based club management system – will be at the IHRSA2016 trade show in Orlando, Florida, March 22-23 demonstrating its product capabilities. ShapeNet Software provides their clients with Electronic Fund Transfer Billing with the greatest percentage of return on uncollected funds; profit sharing with member late fees; sales CRM; Member Portal; Retention; Easy Online Enrollment and Personal Training.

Get an Edge Over Competitors in the Fitness Industry

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in the healthcare and wellness sector. Gymnasiums and fitness clubs have sprouted up on almost every second corner. As more and more people feel the urge to sculpt their bodies to perfection, the demand for gyms and clubs does not show any indication of decreasing. This high demand presents the people running such clubs with both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to harness this demand to fuel the growth of their business and the challenge is to get ahead of competitors who are vying for the same customer base. Latest … Continued

What Are The Best Features of a Club Management Software?

If you are run a health club business, a fitness center, or a gym, for the growth and management of your business, you definitely need an effective club management software that can help you reach your business goals.  You can rely on different fitness softwares for the overall management and growth of your business. Here are some essential features of a club management software- Managing the members- Managing members is one of the most important tasks of any health club business. Therefore, after installing your club management software, it will be easier and convenient for you to manage the members … Continued

Extending Your Reach and Retaining

Your fitness club has likely signed up lots of new members earlier this year, and that’s certainly great for business. However, now that some time has passed since the New Year, some of these “New Year” members may have realized that starting the resolution to gain a fitter lifestyle was much easier than committing to fulfill it. Perhaps they do not have the commitment, time, planning, and hard work needed. And this realization may cause them to cancel their membership, which is certainly something you do not want. So how do you keep these “New Year” members? One of the critical elements … Continued

Restoring Stability to Your Club

There are a few signs that your fitness facility may be failing: the decline of membership sales, the increase of membership cancellations, and/or the disapproval of your facility from members. If you are experiencing any of those signs, and hopefully not all three signs, you’ll need to ask yourself as a fitness facility owner and a business person a few questions and you’ll have to be brutally honest with yourself. Important Questions to Ask Yourself 1. Would you consider your facility a viable business? Take a look at your equipment. If you have equipment that’s worn out and patched with … Continued

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