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24 Hour Club Management

ShapeNet provides clients with 24-hour club access system to keep them ahead of their competitors. By integrating with BRIVO systems LLC, a company that enables businesses to control physical access to offices, buildings, or sensitive areas where real-time control and accountability of entry are important. ShapeNet Software allows your members to check-in during unmanned hours and your business the ability to control the access to their clubs.

ShapeNet’s all in one, cloud based, club management software works seamlessly with BRIVO systems to provide your members with round the clock access along with video camera security systems. When you provide members with around the clock access to your facility, you can take advantage of a new client base that most gyms and health clubs ignore.

ShapeNet Software allows you to attract more members. More members mean more money in your pocket and a healthier bottom line.

Why let your club go dark at night when you can utilize ShapeNet’s 24-hour club access system to leverage more return on your original investment? Call us today and request a product demonstration. When you do, you will find out why club owners are turning to ShapeNet Software for all their club management needs. With ShapeNet Software you will be able to make money while your competitors sleep.

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