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Preview our upcoming dashboard
Above Alert Center, click Preview New Dashboard


Drip Email

Ability to schedule emails to go out based on adding a Prospect, Purchasing a Membership or Purchasing Service
Functions, Marketing, Emails, View Emails, From Actions click Drip Email. Enter # of days to send after event


New Quicklink – Weekly Class Schedule

Direct link to the Class Scheduler
Tools, Edit Quick Links, checkoff Weekly Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Ability to schedule members into classes from Class Schedule

Simplified, added New Feature

Cleaned up unnecessary info; added ability to limit view by trainer availability only
From Schedule Matrix, note the new checkbox to limit view to only those trainer with availability set for the day

Remove header links while in adding and processing appointments When scheduling, removed Quicklinks and Shortcuts for clean view


Download Report

Download Assessments
Functions, Fitness Assessment, View Members – from Actions, click View Details, see icon on right to download report

ACSM values

Added ACSM Table
Functions, Fitness Assessments, View ACSM Standards

Report member’s values in relation to ACSM values
Functions, Fitness Assessment, View Members, any member with an Assessment, click Generate ACSM Report


Adding members with Services

Upon adding user, addressed issue that when a Service is selected the DOB field is cleared
Functions, Users, Add User, Type = Member, add dob, select service, continue process

Prospect Quick Add

Prospect Quick Add, Quick link
Reports, Sales CRM, Prospect/Guest Analysis, Quick Adds will be included in count

Find User, Notes and Actions

If notes are removed from display using Tool icon, Action column now appear
Functions, Users, Find User, use tool icon to remove Notes, Save – Actions will remain



Issues with using Save to Favorites, and executing Favorites has been addressed
From select reports (Membership Cancel for example) click icon to save to Favorites; Execute report from Reports, Favorites

Income Catagories

Added Column to the Financial Transaction Report, and similar views
Reports, Financial, Financial Transactions – Search; New column Income Category


Added Last Checkin by last week, 7-30, 30-90, and 90+ days
Reports, Retention, Last Checkin Date Analysis


Membership Service Fees

Addressed conflict when discount code had non-numeric characters and adding a Membership Service Fee
Functions, Memberships, View Memberships, from Actions, click Services, enter amount, check box, Save

Extra Charges

Reworked Extra Charges setup in Membership types; Reorganized display and ability to base the fee off the purchase date
Functions, Memberships, Add Type – Extra Charge section



Moved Functions/Conversions moved to Tools/Import data
Click Tools…
Moved Functions/Facility management moved to Tools/Facility Management
Click Tools…


Reopen Memberships

Members may now Re-open Membership after it has been closed
Login to member portal – new option Reopen (if their membership is closed)

Sell a $0 Service and collect CC info.

Purchase services for $0, can be directed to specific classes
Setup a Service at price of zero, set for Non-Members to purchase; Upon purchase will be prompted for Credit Card info


No Term types

May now make edits to Services created with No Term selected
Functions, Services, View Types – Edit, make change, and Save

Reverse Payment error

When both a salesperson and trainer selected during purchase, reverses may now be executed
Functions, Services, View Service, from Actions, Reverse payment, continue process, no error


Clone POS Products

Products may be cloned to speed entry of multiple similar items
Functions, POS, Product List; From Actions, Details, Click Plus sign at upper right of product display


Financial Summary

Will display correct date range in results
Reports, Financial, Financial Summary Reports, run report for time period, note the dates in the display

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