Payment Processing

Cash Drawer Assign Default POS

May now set a single drawer as the default POS drawer

Functions, POS, Cash Drawers, View Cash Drawers, Edit, set Default POS Drawer to Yes.

NOTE: only 1 drawer may be assigned as Default

Credit Card Expiration Editing

Update an expiration date without updating the entire card number

From Billing info page, Edit Credit Card, Edit, Save


Non-Member Purchase Appearance

Change the color of Tiles and Fonts on the Non-Member Purchase selections

“Tools, System Settings, Application Appearance, Tiles and Font Settings”


Download to Excel

Reports that were defaulting to Notepad upon download are again defaulting properly to Excel

Class Attendance

Class Activity by Instructor is running without incident

Reports, Misc/Stats, Class Activity by Instructor


Processing Shared “Pay As You Go” Appointments

“Pay As You Go” Services, when using shared session will process properly

Schedule an Addon from a Shared “Pay as you go” Service Type, process as Done, Apply Payment


Increased Password Security

When an new users is added to your ShapeNet System, their password will now be a combination of their last name and a unique identifier. This password will be emailed to them. If the email is lost, they may use the reset feature to set a new password. Notes: Login name’s will not change. Only Users added after the release will have the new password format and receive the email.

To manage the email…

Tools, System Settings, Member Portal – Auto Send Email with Member Login Info

Included Notes in Download

When selected, user profile notes will be included in download from Find Users

Functions, Users, Find User, from results, click on the tools icon, check NOTES, Save. Click download, open file to find Notes included