Hardware, Menus, and Microsoft “autodownload” Updates

How do these three items fit together?

Some of our clients are experiencing issues with their hardware and menus due to Microsoft (MS) updating Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).


Auto Update Options

See final section for how to turn off Automatic Windows Updates**

IE Version Check

To address the hardware issue…

Open IE 11

If the file menu isn’t displayed (File, Edit, View… across the top of the browser window), right click on the blank space under a Tab, and check off Menu Bar.

  1. From the File Menu click Tools, Internet Options (way at the bottom)
  2. Click Security Tab
  3. Click the Green Check mark, Trusted Sites
  4. Click the Custom Level button
  5. Scroll to the Active X settings
  6. Set all to Enable except:  Automatic Prompting for ActiveX Controls & Only Allow Approved Domains to Use ActiveX without Prompt.
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK again

Your hardware should now work fine.

To address the File Menu Option

Option 1:* with your Shape system open check your compatibility settings in IE11 from – Tools, Compatibility settings. Add your Shape URL as an option.

Option 2: return to the HOME page to access those troublesome menu options

Option 3*: Uninstall IE 11

*Please let us know the results of Option 1, as it is still under evaluation.

Uninstall IE 11  – Instructions with Images

(this will not work for 8.1)

  1.  Save and Close All programs including All Internet Explorer window.
  2. Press Windows 7 Start Orb button and go to Control Panel
  3. Click Programs
  4. Click View Installed Programs
  5. Locate Windows Internet Explorer 11,  in the search window – upper right, type in internet explorer
  6. click on Windows Internet Explorer  in the results window
  7. Reply YES to the prompt to uninstall IE11
  8. Uninstall will execute, this may take about 5 minutes or so..
  9. When complete, a prompt to reboot will appear, reply YES
  10. After reboot, open IE, go to Help – About and confirm IE 10 is in place
  11. Test Shape. and share the results in the COMMENT section at the very bottom of this page!

Turn off MS Auto Updates**

Windows Version 7 or Less

  1. Click on your windows ORBIT (START)
  2. Right Click on Computer, choose Properties
  3. Find the Windows Update option, (this will vary by Windows Version) click on it
  4. find the option controller and choose – Download Updates, let Me Choose When to Install**
  5. Apply, OK, or Close depending on Windows Version

Windows Version 8 or Greater (8.1)

  1. From Windows “Modern” view, aka Metro, tiles, etc.
  2. Type the word Auto
  3. Choose Windows Update Settings
  4. Click Choose How Updates are Installed
  5. Choose – Download Updates, let Me Choose When to Install**
  6. Click Back Arrow (from screen) twice.

** we continue to encourage the installation of Windows Upgrades, just control when they are done, and check in with Shape staff for known issues ahead of time.

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