Explanation and Examples of how to connect your website to your ShapeNet system.

Below are the website links to the Member Portal Options customized to your ShapeNet system.

Replace the xxxx below with your system’s URL base.
Example, if your URL is methodfitness.cshape.net your URL’s base is methodfitness, xxxx=methodfitness

A. Email List https://xxxx.cshape.net/RegisterGuest.aspx

B. Class Schedule https://xxxx.cshape.net/GuesetInfo.aspx

C. Purchase Services https://xxxx.cshape.net/ServiceListView.aspx?cat=1

D. Purchase Membership https://xxxx.cshape.net/MembershipTypesCatalogNonMemberView2.aspx

E. Trainer Login https://xxxx.cshape.net/trainerLogin.aspx

F. Staff Login https://xxxx.cshape.net/adminLogin.aspx

G. Member Login https://xxx.cshape.net/memberLogin.aspx

Please reply to this email with any questions regarding linking your webpage to your ShapeNet System.