Member Portal Experience

Shape has implementing an update to the Member Portal Experience. Please view this video (<5min) for an overview.  This is a development video, still undergoing tweaking. Expect another update next week, with Services addressed.

Updated VIDEO (28Jan2014)

Updated Images (26Aug2014)

The video references the proper links in different situations, here are those links

Website example (this would be your sites with links added to the options below)

  1. Prospect collection
  2. Member Login
  3. Staff Login
  4. Trainer Login

Website Sample Links

Member Login

Member_Login https://methodfitness.cshape.net/memberLogin.aspx

Mail List

maillist https://methodfitness.cshape.net/RegisterGuest.aspx

Class Schedule

schedule  https://methodfitness.cshape.net/GuestInfo.aspx

Prospect Purchase


Stay tuned!

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