New Support Process

Bottom Line – send all support issues to support@shapenetsoftware.com – for details read on…

Please read through this communication, as it will describe new processes for submitting support tickets to the Client Services group and additional upcoming changes.

We are excited to be rolling out new support software. This software will make it simpler to capture issues, spot trends, and assure tickets are followed-up on in a timely manner.

We foresee 4 phases in this rollout. The first starts immediately, submitting support tickets via email. The 2nd involved the knowledge base, and implementation of the new support portal. 3rd providing a higher level tool for you to monitor the issues from your facility or facilities. And finally, a community board to share your enhancement requests and software issues for input from other Shape clients.

  • Phase 1 – immediately – emailing support tickets
  • Phase 2 – February – submitting and managing tickets through portal, and new knowledge base
  • Phase 3 – March – additional view into facility tickets
  • Phase 4 – Q2 2014 – Community

Moving forward all support tickets should be opened by emailing support@shapenetsoftware.com.

Best Practices

  • To update a ticket or to get a status, just reply to an auto, or detailed email response. Avoid sending a new email, as this will slow us in resolving your issue.
  • When sending your first or second support ticket to this email address, include your system URL, we’ll more quickly identify you and your facility.
  • Include examples in your support request, too often an email says “always, all, none and never”, and then the 2 examples we try don’t comply and we ask for examples, an example will help us provide a faster answer, and help assure it is on point.
  • Include the steps it takes to reproduce the problem.
    Note the difference in

    • When I purchase a membership I get an unhandled error.
    • When I purchase a membership for George Burns, I back date the start date to 1/1/2014, and override the rate to zero, and set the payment date to the 15 click Save, I get an unhandled error.


  1. What happens to my open/active tickets?  Most open tickets will continue to be worked to resolution in old support system. If not resolved and closed in the next 1-3 weeks,  you’ll receive a notice that they have been moved to our new system. Hardware issues will actively be moved to our new support software.
  2. What happens to my closed tickets? We’ll have our database available to us through the end of the year, so if there is information we need, we’ll have it. If there is information in the portal that you want, we suggest using a Print PDF function from your browser to create your own archive. One of the reasons we are changing support software is for a more versatile management functions.
  3. What happens to reported issues and enhancement requests? These will be consolidated in our internal tracking systems. New Enhancements, and Issues will be tracked in our new support software, within tickets at first, and eventually through the community.
  4. Where do I find the knowledge base now?  Same as before, Help, Knowledge Base, or https://www.healthclubsoftwarehelp.com/KB/search.aspx
  5. More questions? email us at support@shapenetsoftware.com, remember to include your URL the first couple of emails.

We are very excited about this rollout, and increased level of service. Stay tuned for updates.

Teri Portello
Director Client Services

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