Download Batches

While Viewing EFT Batches Now have the ability to Download

Functions, EFT, View Batches, Action – View, Download



When reopening a Membership addressed issue where Cleared Balances are reinstated

Functions, Memberships, Purchase Membership – locate member, click Reopen



When downloading Trainer Payroll, Trainer’s name is now included

Reports, Financial, Trainer Payroll – run report, PDF and download options will include trainer name

Point of Sale

Two Payment types

The ability to pay with 2 credit cards has been added



Will again show images

Credit Card Entry

Expiration date will no longer default to 01/2015


Ability for Non-Members to Purchase Free Service, and Schedule

Website should point to “yourshape.cshape.net/ServiceListView.aspx?cat=-1”, without quotes. A Free Service  type with $0 value available to purchase. At checkout it will indicate the “service is free”. The prospect may then signup for the class(es) associated with the Free Service.

Training Notes

Notes from One-on-one sessions in the Trainer Notes section of an appointment will now appear to the Member.

From My Info Page, click More below Services. Click History, notes are to the left



When downloading Checkin reports, the time will appear in AM/PM form. If it doesn’t, change the column in Excel.

In Excel:

  1. Highlight Column;
  2. Right Click,
  3. Select Format Cells.
  4. Select Number Tab,
  5. From Category Select Time.
  6. Scroll to bottom to Select 03/14/2012 1:30p and Save

Employe Hours Report

Employee Card ID will now be included in report, and the download file

Reports, Misc./Stat Employee Hours Report


Income Section of Financial Summary Report. Addressed issue where using paper check as part of a multiple payment type transaction was not reporting properly.

Reports, Financial, Financial Summary Report – scroll to income categories


Group Invoice

Addressed error when running Group Invoices when a secondary doesn’t have a scheduled payment.

Sales Commission Report

Added new filters to Custom Query option; Sales Rep and Type of Sale where type of sale can be Memberships, Services or POS

Reports, Financial, Sales Commission Summary – Custom Query


View Schedule may now be downloaded

Functions, Scheduler, View Sched


Ability to download Unused Session Report

Reports, Training, Unused Sessions – Download


Summary Numbers

When on the Schedule Matrix, Summary totals for the day, One-on-one sessions, Classes, and Class Attendee totals are provided. These will also display on the PDF report

sched matrix, add weekly totals and PDF for printing


Admin and Member

Templates now Alphabetical

View Templates from Functions, Security, Templates, or Find User, locate, from Actions, Security, or View Members, Search, click Padlock to apply a member security template

New Checkout Settings

From an individual Admin’s or an Admin template, Expand Functions, Expand POS, to allow check off the Payment Type (Write-Off, Tracking-Only, No-Charge) and/or set Max-Discount

Checkout Page – add security for each option security settings for each non-Payment type



When canceling the service, options to clear the open and remaining balance will work if cancellation is for future date

Download Option

If View is set for Contact information, the contact info is included in download

Functions, Services, View Services, to the right click on the email/cell phone icon + to turn on contact info. – to turn off contact info

Program Class Series

When creating a program class series, or updating now able to enter any capacity as necessary

Functions, Classes, Program Class Series, View Manage Series, Edit Series – enter capacity.

Session Increments

Allow partial sessions to impact Session count by the increment

System Setting, Scheduled Appointment Settings, Allow Session Increments

View Service List View

The Charge Block Rate has changed to Session Rate; This is in contrast to Hourly Rate, which will calculate the hourly rate of sessions per hour. Thus a $10 15 minute session will have a Session Rate of $10 and an Hourly Rate of $40. (60min hr/15 min session=4 * Session Rate)

Functions, Services, View Services, Grid View


MagFi Lookup

When a responsible party is displayed, Payment amount will not include those of the member and their billing dependants

MagFi, identify responsible party, Notice Payment Display, click for details

Responsible Party

When adding a User, and expanding the “Add Additional Members” section, two new columns appear. Added ability to…

  1. Select a member type for each individual
  2. Indicate the main member being added in the responsible party

Functions, Users, Add User, expend “Add Additional Members” if the main member being added is the responsible party for any of the additional users being added, check the appropriate box. Also use the Member type to assign each individual added their own.

Feature added to MagFi

Results of Responsible Party now provides

  1. Display total number of dependents
  2. Payment button link to the amounts owed for the Responsible Party and their Dependents

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