Rollover Rate

When downloading from View Memberships, Rollover Rate will have its own column

Functions, Memberships, View Memberships – view Membership Summary field, includes Rollover amount; Select download, Rollover Rate has its own column  


Prospect Purchase Service

Addressed Schedule Payment issue when purchasing Service with multiple payments



Member Checkin Detail

Reports, Member Checkin Detail, custom query, check “Only Include One Checkin per Day” the result totals will now appear correctly

Financial – Trainer Payroll

Addressed error that occurred if too much data was returned

Class Attendance

May again print and download

Reports, Training, Class Attendance; Run report, note the sub-link Print, and the icons to download into Excel or PDF


Mass email from Last Check-in Date Analysis

Reports, Retention, Last Check-in Date, run report, note the Mass Email icon, click and choose Email Template or write email, click Send

Membership Cancel Report

Now separates phone and email upon download

Reports, Memberships, Membership Cancel Report; Run report, click the download icon. Open file with Excel – note the separate columns for email and phone


Add Sched

Addressed error when using Add Sched

Functions, Schedule, Add Sched, choose Members with Services  


Auto Roll

Addressed Duplicate Scheduled Payments when a 2nd admin logs in during the processing of auto rolls triggered by the 1st login


Will again remove balances if the options are set to Yes

Functions, Services, View Service; locate service, choose Cancel, set clear balances (Open/Remaining) to Yes, click Cancel; Select Scheduled Payments, note the amounts are set to 0



Manage Expected Close Date

From Contact History, click the date, make change, enter Reason, click Update Date

Sales Persons

Base commission on Full Contract Value

Functions, Users, Add/Edit Sales Person; select Basis = Full Contract Value; Note: will apply commission without regard for payment