This is the 5th release of 2014. We continue to enhance your system to make it more effective to run your business.

Some Key Features


And there is more!


Functions, EFT, Create & View Batches

  • Label Batches Normal or ReRun
  • Query View batches by Normal or ReRun
  • Column header clarifications, Transaction Date is now “Created” and Transaction Count is now “Count”.
  • Money Lost now rounds properly to 2 decimal places.


Financial Transaction Report

Reports, Financial, Financial Transactions

  • Custom Query, Categories, the option Training has been updated to “Service”
  • Custom Query, Cash Drawer, new option added “None”
  • Download option, will now bring column headers into the download file

Credit Card Expired Report

Reports, Misc/Stat, Credit Card Expired

  • Now includes the Credit Card’s expiration date

Open Balance Reports

Reports, Financial, Open Balance Report – Memberships

  • now provides an option to select Preferred Client Invoice method to pull specifically Email or Paper invoice accounts

Memberships & Services

Functions, Memberships (or Services), Purchase

  • When purchasing a membership or service, may now use first name to help locate the member
  • While Purchasing a Secondary Membership, the drop down for selecting Primary has been modernized for more effective lookup, by full or partial last name and the results will limit from all Primary Accounts to just those that match results.


Functions, Schedule, Sched Matrix

  • When Scheduling a Not_Avail session, may again adjust length

Trainer Portal

Security Settings: Functions, Security, drop down to Trainer

  • May allow trainers to purchase and accept payments for Services

Point of Sale

Purchase POS item, click Checkout

  • When selecting purchaser, lookup performance has been greatly enhanced

Member Portal

My Info, Checkins

  • Checkin details available to Members

Checking Activity

Functions, Checkin, Checkin Activity Report

  • Now contains Last Contact entered into the CRM

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