ShapeNET August 2014 Software Update

This is the 9th release of 2014. We continue to enhance your ShapeNET to make it more effective to run your business.


Service Fees and Roll

When Service fees are changed through Functions, Memberships, View Memberships – Actions, Services, Fee changes are saved to the roll membership as well. Memberships will now roll with the values as assigned.


Issue where Service Fees were displaying as NA has been addressed.

Group Invoices

Membership group invoice with future scheduled payment now runs without issue.


When a payment in an amount over the current scheduled payments will now be held as a credit and applied to the next scheduled payment(s) upon roll.


Member Checkin Details

Reports, Misc/Stat… now downloads to Excel and includes headers

Financial Statements

Reports, Finanical… NEW Document, will display activity on account between dates provided

Memberships Checklist

Reports, Memberships… New Calendar format added, also added download and email icons.

Membership Add Charges

Reports, Financial… added Charge Type to the detail report and as a Query option

Scheduled Payments

In Memberships and Services the scheduled payment edit option now uses the new calendar format


No longer any issue from the Future Appointment email option



Will only display Trainer activity with the client. Payments and Sessions.

New Payroll Levels

  • Functions, Users, View Trainers, edit.
  • Payroll section, One-on-One Session and Group Training Payroll. Click Show Levels, now have up to 10 levels for PT and Group Training.

Trainer System Settings

  • Tools, System Settings, Trainer Settings
  • New Option, Trainer Portal, show all members. If unchecked only show members assigned to trainer:

Sales CRM

  • NEW: Functions and Reports Sales CRM
  • Note the newly formatted report.

POS Audit

  • When a change is made to a product’s inventory an Audit will be writen.
  • Audit will be found below the product detail page, and from the Audit trail, Function POS, SubFuction Edit_Quantity

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