ShapeNET July 2014 Software Update

This is the 8th release of 2014. We continue to enhance your ShapeNET to make it more effective to run your business.

Member Portal


Monthly Calender now available for member scheduling

Virtual Workouts

Admin Login: Functions, Member Portal Workouts, Virtual Workouts

Member Entries now viewable by Administrators

Point of Sale

Bill Later

Ability to Manage Bill Later Charges

  • ****


Sales Commission

Reports, Financial

Enhanced, now able to Download, Filter by Sale Rep, and updated calender

Addressed duplicate reporting of commissions


Reports, Marketing, Prospect/Guest Management

Addressed the totaling of contacts, summary numbers now add up

Open Balances, Services

Reports, Financial, Open Balances, Services

Download adjusted not to place a dollar sign next to days delinquent


No TERM Service

Functions, Services, Add type,Term, Check off No Term

  • Much like the No Term found in Memberships.
  • A No Term Service will create a single package, managing monthly  or weekly payments Service.
  • There is no ROLL.
  • Tested to manage Unlimited session allocation.

Service Settings

Tools, System Settings, Service Settings

New Category of Settings, now all Service Settings under one heading

  • Service Package Renewal.
  • Service Purchase
  • add New: Require Sales Rep selection when purchasing Service (default is unchecked), if checked, upon purchase, Sales Rep drop down field should default to select