This is the 4th release of 2014. We continue to enhance your system to make it more effective to run your business.

Some key features…


and there is more!!!


  1. “Create Custom Service” When purchasing a custom service, new options, type in Session rate (allowing custom amounts), set End Date, and Sales Rep
  2. “Service, Smallest Scheduled Block” Will now be enforced

Report Updates

Financial Summary

  1. New Tax Breakout on Membership, Service and Income Category Sections
  2. Addressed issue with summarizing Extra Charge Amounts
  3. Point of Sale items paid Billl Later are are now properly categorized.

Cost of Goods

  • No longer truncating last digit in Value of Goods Sold field


  1. Reopen, Override Values, New Type Retuned security settings
  2. ProRating Added Membership Service Fees to Prorate and tuned up a calculating issue with Prorate option C
  3. Upgrade/Downgrade from Punch Card Functionality added
  4. Upgrade/Downgrade Now able to Manage 1st and 2nd rate amounts when security setting “REOPEN OVERRIDE VALUES” set to true

Member Portal

  1. Full Amount Due, inclusive of taxes Is now listed on the Member home page.
  2. Password Upon Registration Once registered email is sent with password
  3. Phone Prompt on Registration Page Updated to default to HOME
  4. Found with certain settings that the Registration Page was causing an unhandled error, this has been addressed

Other Additions

Background Checkin

  • Added START Date to the Checkin Screen

Class Schedule

  • Added Member Notes to Schedule (Administrative and Portal)

Log Contact

  • Checkbox to indicate Next Contact is not required

Gift Cards

  • Addressed issue when a space was added before the Gift Card ID sequence

Point of Sale, Add Product

  • Address duplicate labels

Adding Administrator

  • Addressed issue assigning Administrative Group


  • May now set multiple appointments for current week without multiple weeks

Appointments Running Out Report

  • May now use Extend for appointments with House Trainers

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