This is the 3rd release of 2014. We continue to enhance your system to make it more effective to run your business.

Big News

  1. Ability to Upgrade/Downgrade Primary Membership!!! All Membership Types with Subtype of Normal will be assigned to Primary. While Upgrading/Downgrading a Primary with addons, a prompt will appear for handling Secondaries and Tertiaries.
  2. Ability to apply a single payment to cover a Membership, Service and open POS balance. Use MagFi to lookup member, OR use Open Balacne – Combined, click the Open Balance link, Apply Payment, and see the open balances for all three… just enter the amounts to apply, click Submit.


  • Post Administrator’s ID to History when Scheduled Payment is Updated
  • Upon Membership Roll, History will now read “Auto Roll”

Member Portal

  • Discount Codes, and Confirmation emails are now controlable from Tools, System Settings, Non-Member Settings, Member Registration Requirements.
  • Trainer Availability will no longer allow scheduling beyond defined availability – from the portal login.

Other Additions

Checkin Activity Report

  • Functions, Checkin, Checkin Activity Report added direct link to MEMBERSHIPS.

Bill Later

  • At Checkout, when using “bill later” the Effective date (at Step 2) defaults to next bill date of membership. Exceptions, Open Balance, Paid in Full Membership, in these cases it will default to current date.


  • Use the checkbox “Prevent Scheduling Beyond Close Date:” while purchasing service, prevent the ability to schedule a session beyond the service due date.


  • All users have a unique identifier, can now be queried from Find User, Unique Identifier. To find a User’s Unique Identifier, Find User, click Details

Referral Member Pop-up

  • Some systems were having issues, it has been resolved.

New Checkin Scan Option

Scan Keytags AND Smart Phones with our new Optical Scanner

To Order, or More Information

  • clients carry barcode on their phones
  • $399 + $15 shipping
  • use link above, include shipping address and last 4 characters of billing to authorize order
  • includes installation
  • 30 day return , new condition, with packing materials, restocking fee.

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