ShapeNET May 2014 Software Update

This is the 7th release of 2014. We continue to enhance your ShapeNET to make it more effective to run your business.


2nd page of assessments now displays properly.

EFT, Add Fees at batch level

  1. Functions, EFT, View Batches
  2. Locate batch to add fees
  3. Click Add Fees To Fails
  4. Enter Payment date
  5. Amount to charge
  6. Enter a reason
  7. Choose Charge Type*
  8. Click Add Payments

*populate this list from any memberships Scheduled Payments, click Add Charge, adn the dropdown has an “Add New” option.

Marketing, Low Session Alerts

Low session count Alert emails are now going out again on Service Types that have this item checked.

Point of Sale, Bill Later

When the default is set to date the transaction TODAY, it will not populate properly

  • Tools, System Settings, Other Settings, at bottom, POS Checkout Option

Member Portal, Custom Text on Buttons

Custom Text issues have been worked out and now are working properly.

  • Tools, System Settings, Other Settings, Member Portal Settings, Change Text…


EFT Analyizer, Added EFT Fees

Fee column and total added

  • Reports, Financial, EFT Analyzer

Financial Summary

Write offs were summarized with receivables, have been appropriately moved to Non-Receivables

Missed Appointments

Filters Added
  1. Member name
  2. Service type
  3. Assigned Trainer
  4. Status

Reports, Training, Missed Appointment Charges

Daily Schedule Details

Download now includes headers

  • Reports, Schedule, Daily Schedule

Open Balance Combined

Selecting a query will no longer clear the lastname field.

  • Reports, Financial, Open Balance Combined


Locked down Class scheduling to Limitations

Service limitations are being enforced when Member or Admin schedules a class

Pay After Services for Classes

The ability to create Pay After service types for one-on-one sessions has been available for years, now available for classes!

Service and Memberships

When viewing TYPES, a total number of types displayed will now be reported at the bottom of the list

  • Functions, Memberships, View types
  • Functions, Services, View types


Now Filter on Sales Person

  • Functions, View Services, Custom Query, choose Sales Person

Pay After Rates based on Trainer

Pay after sessions can now read the Trainer rate schedule to determine the rate to charge for a session.

Major benefit can open a single Pay After Service and manage pricing for 30, 60, 90 minute sessions, single, double and triple member sessions

  1. Functions, Services, Trainer Pay After Rates, Add Pay after Rates
  2. Fill out table with appropriate rates
  3. Save
  4. Functions, Users, View Trainer
  5. Locate Trainer, Details, Edit
  6. At bottom of page, Trainer Pay After Rates, Assign Trainer type Template to Trainer
  7. Save
  8. Schedule Members with Pay After Service

Types with Weekly Scheduled Payments

Addressed recent issue with the payments not lining up to Start Date


Addressed issue in saving trainers with Hired Date