ShapeNET October 2014 Software Update

This is the 11th release of 2014. We continue to enhance your ShapeNET to make it more effective to run your business.



  • Added ability to define a “return email address” for text messaging
  • Tools, System Settings, Email/Text Settings – Reply To Address(From SMS)

Home Page

Admin Messages

  • Addressed issue with “Between” when adding/editing messages
  • Home Page, Admin Messages, Add or Edit

Member Portal

Class Registration

  • Updated display grid

Class Schedule

  • Updated display grid


  • When Logging out of the member portal, member/prospect will be returned to the Member Login Page

My Schedule

  • Updated display grid, added ability to download PDF of member schedule


  • Updated display grid, removed Action column, added ability to download to PDF


  • On Member Portal home page, the text on the Checkin Link, current labeled Entrance Code
  • Tools, System settings, Member Portal Settings, “Change Text for CHECK IN”

Welcome Message

  • Update the Welcome Message from Tools, System Settings, “Welcome Message Member Portal”
  • Tools, System settings, Member Portal Settings, “Welcome Message Member Portal:”



  • No longer able to backdate



  • Updated Select Purchaser option, removed Pop-up

Product Labels

  • Added option to include price and description along with the barcode when printing Product Labels


Income Categories

  • When uploading financial transactions to QuickBooks, will now route the transaction via income category to the proper account



Checkin Activity updated with new display

  • Functions, Checkin, Checkin Activity

Checkin Insurance Report

  • Includes Service types in the Results and Removed inactive trainers from query
  • Reports, Misc/Stat, Checkin Insurance Report now

Member Checkin Details

  • updated with new icons, added PDF option
  • Reports, Misc/Stat, Member Checkin Details


  • Updated Pie and Bar Graphs
  • Reports, Sales CRM, Prospect/Guest Management


  • EFT Analyzer Report values now include taxes
  • Financial Summary Report updated with new display grid, PDF download option, Pie and Bar Graphs
  • Membership Add Charges report now includes totals at bottom of results
  • Training Payroll Reports Updated Display and added PDF download

New Member Financials

  • Addressed issue of Sales Rep displaying in the wrong column
  • Updated Display, added PDF download option


  • Credit Card Expired Report added totals, and ability to select EFT Memberships and or Services.


  • New No Show Report provides list of members with 3 consecutive No Shows
  • Training Sessions (less than 5) Updated format of report. Added ability to Sort on name and Service type. Added PDF and Excel download options.



  • Addressed issue where One-On-One Sessions could be used when serivce type limits scheduling to Classes


  • Ability to Allow/Disallow scheduling beyond past the TERM date of their Membership during purchase process
  • Add User, Member, now have ability to purchase 2 services
  • When purchasing services from Add User, Add Billing, Purchase Service, addressed issue where using back button after purchase, and clicking purchase again purchases 2 services


Profile Page

  • Add Member page updated for ease of use

User Interface

Quick Links

  • New Quick Link Financial Transaction Report
  • Tools, Edit Quick Links