ShapeNET September 2014 Software Update

This is the 10th release of 2014. We continue to enhance your ShapeNET to make it more effective to run your business.

Brivo – Prospect IDs

Functions, Users, Brivo Card Bank for Prospects; can now add CardIds in bulk

CRM – Contacts

  • Duplicate Contact Record issue resolved
  • Popup Removed from Contact History click Aqua bar to Log a contact.



  • Override options are available


  • Upen entry of future cancel date, Electronic Entry Access will not be locked until the cancel date
  • Pending Cancel, Clearing Balance Upon Cancel, clearing balance will zero all scheduled payments beyond the cancel date

Scheduled Payments – Secondaries

Duplicate scheduled payments on secondary membership upon roll, caused by the secondary membership starting later than the primary has been addressed.

Service Fees

When purchasing a membership and overriding a Service Fee, the roll into membership Service Fee value will update.

POS – Discount Codes

  • Dollar value discount codes now work properly
  • POS, Product List, Download, Added the ability to download POS Product List


Checkin Reports


3 additional Checkin Reports now account for Multi-facility Checkins

  1. Reports, Misc/Stat, Check-in Activity Analysis
  2. Member Check-in Detail
  3. Member check-in Summary

Reports, Misc/Stat Checkin Details

  • Updated Results Display

Reports, Misc/Stat Member Analysis

  • Updated with ability to sort by Member Type.
  • Added dropdown for Member type.
  • Updated Results Display and provided a PDF download option

Financial Reports

  • EFT Analyzer, spelling correction
  • Open Balance (Prepaid), Will no longer detail zero balance accounts.
  • Financial Summary Write Offs will now be included in Non-Receivables
  • Non-Receivables has been moved to the bottom of the report.
  • Trainer Payroll, Updated with New Calendars, Pie and Bar charts
  • New Membership Financials Added dropdown for Payment Frequency & Checkboxes to limit results to EFT Memberships and EFT Services

Membership Reports

Membership Cancel Report

  • Updated detail display
  • PDF download added
  • Bar and pie graphs available

Trainer (Session) Activity

  • Pie and Bar Graph Options, Drill down into Date
  • Download Activity, Drill down into trainer to download Activity

Services – Training History

From Actions, Updated Results Display, Added new fields, Status, Training name.

Scheduler – Appointments with Balance Due

On Schedule Matrix, an Open balance is indicated with a black bar on the left side of the appointment.


  • Multi-facility Global Search issues have been resolved
  • MagFi Phone lookup will again handle partial phone lookup