When finalizing the batch for a Service EFT, if there are any SERVICE failures you can add fees to the fail and it will be reflected in the scheduled payments under Services rather than Membership.


Service Fees

3 Additional Membership Service Fees
Tools, System Settings, Membership Service Fees


Addressed issue with email assuring  that both the CAN-Spam Disclaimer and Include Legal Disclaimer are displaying when checked



Updated Bar Graph, added PDF download

Checkin Report

  • Updated Checkin Report added PDF
  • My no longer access other Members Checkin Data


May now view classes without error


Updated with modern display blocks, Categories, Service and Membership types

Cleaned up My Info Page

  • Removed Fitness Assessment, Cardio, Checkin info and Graph
  • Changed Back to Home

Enhanced Cardio page

  • View Cardio
  • New Cardio display boxes

New “Exercise” option on home page

  • Add Exercises
  • View Exercises
  • Exercise Info

Prospect purchase membership

Next bill date will now display properly

Prospect purchase services

May now select Service type without error


Only Service Types marked “Non-Member can purchase online” will display for sale


Portal activity

New Report, Reports, Member Portal, Member Activity


Activity Analysis, Addressed duplicate display of periods
Reports, Checkin, Activity Analysis

Member Checkin Detail, Addressed error when selecting “only include one checkin per day”
Reports, Checkin, Member Checkin Detail

Insurance Report, Addressed Time out error
Reports, Checkin, Check-In Insurance Reimbursement Report

CRM – New Report

Reports, Sales CRM, Sales Summary Report


Addressed discrepancy on Transactions and Summary reports, when payments applied to Bill Later items
Reports, Financial – Financial Transactions/Summary

Added query dates to display of Financial Summary Report results

May now select more than one Cash Drawer when running the Financial Summary Report


Management Metric Report, added PDF and Excel download options
Reports, Memberships, Management Metric Report


CC expire, added ability to see 2 month expiration warning
Reports, Misc./Stat, Credit Card Expire Report

Sales Commission

Added ability to pull a PDF/Excel report by Sales Rep
Reports, Financial, Sales Commission, from any Sales Person, click Details – use PDF or Download option provided


Management Training Metrics, added guests converted to member column
Reports, Training, Management Training Metrics



Addressed error when clicking Recalculate during purchase

Scheduled Payments – update all payment dates of a service

  1. Click on Scheduled Payment Date
  2. Check off – Change billing day for all future service payments?
  3. Use drop down to select NEW Billing Day:


Form was updated for clarity, removed Term values when No Term & AutoClose action set to Rolling/Closing on Zero. On No Term, Price field will indicate weekly or monthly
Functions, Services, Add/Edit Type


Emailing receipt functionality restored

Quick Links

New Quick Link for Assessments
Tools, Quick Links – check off View assessments – Save



  • Upon checkin a new option is available “Payment”, click to apply payments to open membership, service, and/or POS Open Balances
  • If using background checkin – enhanced, look for the button to Open In Shape to access the checkin screen to apply payment.


Prepaid Accounts – updated features

  • When putting Cash (or any payment type) on a prepaid account, the transaction will be assigned to an Income category named – Prepaid, with payment shown as the specific payment type
  • When using prepaid funds to pay for an item, the transaction will be assigned to the Income category of the item, with payment shown as Prepaid

New Feature: Billing Responsible Party

Ability to select another active member as Responsible Party in a member’s billing information will be used. The responsible party’s billing info will be used. Additionally, may now run invoice by Responsible Party from View Services.

Functions, Users, Find User – locate member, from Actions, Edit Billing

Functions, Services, View Services – locate Responsible Party, click Invoice. By Default Dependent Parties are included. Click “Dependent Parties” to see list, and uncheck to omit from invoice.