4 technologies that have digitally elevated fitness experience

08. Nov Admin

The shift towards achieving a healthier lifestyle in today’s generation is changing the fitness industry in many ways. Although gyms had to cease many operations during the pandemic, it also allowed gym owners to venture into digital fitness solutions. More and more gym-goers are getting interested in subscribing for memberships from gyms that provide a combination of unique fitness solutions. Thus, many fitness clubs have started integrating digital technologies to fulfill client needs and offer an elevated fitness experience for their members.

We’ll look at some of the top digital technology solutions that have transformed the fitness experience:

24-hour door access

A no-touch 24-hour door access system has been beneficial in allowing gyms to break free from a restricted gym schedule. It makes it inconvenient for gym members to keep up with their workout routine as per their schedule. In fact, the 24-hour gym access system has been successful in increasing memberships by over 10 to 20 percent in most cases. It is no surprise because many people are choosing gym facilities with a 24-hour gym access system to avoid rush hours and crowded gyms, especially during these difficult times.

Customized mobile app

Another technology that has greatly helped many gyms expand their reach and reduce the limitations of offline gym businesses is employing a branded custom fitness app. A custom mobile app allows your members to keep track of their fitness journey, send them notifications of workouts, simplify 24-hour check-ins, and much more. And, while you might think developing a branded custom gym mobile app could be expensive, you can opt for Shapenet’s ready-to-use custom-branded mobile app equipped with advanced features to provide a seamless experience to your members.

Virtual fitness workout solutions

Many gyms have also integrated virtual fitness workout solutions to extend their services to a broader demographic. A virtual fitness software system encourages members to stay on track with their fitness routine while retaining existing members and attracting new members virtually through a LIVE Remote Training session. The members can access the workout sessions through their unique login. So, not only do you get to reduce occupancy of your gym without losing any revenue, but you also boost your business operations while adding customized training workout video content to be accessed by your members.

Data Conversion

Data conversion software solutions are among the most effective and beneficial technologies that have helped many gyms create data-driven gym strategies. It allows you to keep track of your members’ workout pattern, progress, diet, and analyzes which members are most to least active. The data conversion software analyzes the data and generates personalized special offers and discounts to boost revenue. It also helps you keep track of member payments, credit card information, outstanding payments, outdated contact information, and more to sort out any issues quickly.

If you are considering upgrading your gym and taking it to the next level with top digital solutions, Shapenet Software can help. We specialize in providing customized advanced technology digital solutions to various health and fitness centers. We offer cloud-based virtual personal training software, gym management app, gym check-in software system, 24-hour club management services, and more. Get in touch with our team for expert solutions today.

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