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Running a fitness club equates to learning how to multi-task and supervise all areas of the business. Providing personalized customer care, optimal management of finances, equipment, and the staff are just some of the vital elements that ensure a smoothly run and successful club. Understandably, juggling so many operations daily is no easy feat. Hence, the need for an automated system that simplifies daily functions is evident.

ShapeNet Software offers a bridge of our Point Of Sales software that connects your club to its fullest potential. ShapeNet’s integrated POS club software makes it easy to sell products to your members, track inventory, and handle discounts. Our system allows multiple ways for customers to make payments, either by cash or debit/credit cards or be added to their billing cycle. This system instantly makes upselling additional products easier. Moreover, ShapeNet’s POS software is designed to track member purchase behavior, creating a dedicated report that club managers can use to provide better, personalized services.

How ShapeNet’s POS Software Boosts Revenue

Every business is unique. Thus, club management software should fit your business model. With ShapeNet Software, you get a personalized system tailor-made for your business size, to best suit your business goals. Our POS software is designed with all the right features and functions your club needs to optimize, streamline, promote productivity, and boost revenue.

ShapeNet’s POS Software provides you with the tools that facilitate your club’s promotion and sales by streamlining all transactions and recording the data to create detailed reports. Additional features of ShapeNet’s POS Software include:

  • Upselling services, products, gear, meal & beverages, etc. from anywhere simply through a smartphone. Hence, whether a customer orders services online, at the front desk, or make a purchase while on a boot camp session, your team can make a sale without any delay with multiple payment options.
  • A member can set up an ‘add-to-the-tab’ option to their regular orders, such as a water bottle, protein shake, exercise gear, etc. All orders will be automatically added to their billing cycle.
  • Customers receive automatic invoices on e-mail and SMS of their purchases, making the process paperless, and quick.
  • Members can view the prices of the available merchandise and get discounts where applicable. Staff can use this tab to offer discount coupons based on the member’s training record, previous purchases, etc. to encourage regular participation.

Therefore, ShapeNet’s POS Software can not only aid in upselling additional services and products from anywhere, but it can also encourage clients’ attendance. Many successful clubs boost their sales with similar offers through which members redeem rewards following a purchase, thus initiating a motivating cycle.

Enjoy ShapeNet Software’s Multifarious Benefits

ShapeNet’s cloud-based POS software system is designed to provide you with a bird’s eye view of your business at any point, vacating ample time for you to focus on other important tasks. Our easy-to-navigate system can be installed on your company devices such as tablets, or trainers’ smartphones, making sales mobile.

ShapeNet’s POS Software System does so much more than simply digitizing the purchase records. Our compatible software programs easily blend in the cloud membership portal where you can set up eCommerce for your members’ convenience. Additionally, ShapeNet’s POS Software also tracks visitors’ behavior on the system as they browse, and purchase products and services. Use these insights and reports to manage the inventory and promote in-demand products and services to the right customers.

Providing an exemplary experience to every customer is the modus operandi of every fitness club. Simplify the process with ShapeNet’s POS Software System and give each member unique, unbeatable services that they look for. Request a demo with our team today and build a seamless system unique to your business model.

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