Gym Check-in

As the fitness industry is highly in demand and becoming more competitive each day, your business needs a competitive edge. Expand your business operations with ShapeNet Software’s secure 24-hour gym check-in software system. It is specifically designed to make the entry more convenient for your gym members, allowing them to check-in securely at any hour that fits their schedule. We offer a range of different access systems personalized to suit your gym’s security needs the best.


  • Manage check-ins for gym entry, classes, and training
  • Can use key tags, RFID, Biometric or Phone
  • Reports to managers

Types Of Gym Access Control Systems We Offer

Card access system

It is our most popular 24/7 door access system for gyms. The members are issued key cards that they need to enter or leave, allowing only authorized members with valid cards to access the facilities at any time.

QR code system

Looking for advanced digital Check-in Software for your fitness club? Our QR code system requires members to scan their unique QR code through their integrated mobile app to access the facilities whenever they want, eliminating the need to carry a keycard. It is one of our highly secure, convenient, and cost-effective systems.

Biometric authentication

Employ our highest-grade biometric authentication for maximum gym security. It scans members’ unique fingerprints for automated recognition and allows 24/7 door access to members.

Keypad and Password Access

Looking for a more affordable yet secure Gym Check-in software system? Our Keypad and Password Access system is widely used in a lot of 24-hour gyms. It allows members to access the facilities using a unique password.

Key Benefits of a 24-Hour check-in software for gym

Adapting the advanced technology 24-Hour check-in software for the gym will help you leverage the opportunities in today’s world in the following ways:

  • Hassle-free Check-in for members It will eliminate the need to wait for the gym to open as your members will be able to access the facilities at any hour as per their convenience.
  • Access for valid members only Allow your verified members to access the facilities using their unique login id and keep track of which members access the facilities efficiently through the gym access control system.
  • Remote administration from anywhere You don’t need to physically be at the gym 24/7 to monitor the facilities when you can control our 24-hour gym member check-in software from virtually anywhere through remote access.
  • Create customized discount offers Our gym check-in software also collects the relevant member data to keep track of members’ workout accessibility pattern data. It automatically generates customized discount offers for select members to boost revenue.
  • Attract new members With a 24-hour accessible gym, you can attract a significant number of clients as your business will not be bound to run only for select hours, enhancing your business revenue.

Why Choose ShapeNet’s Check-in software for your Gym

Our modern Check-in software provides convenient and secure access to your gym facility with the following functionalities:

  • Easy and reliable access for members.
  • Advanced security features to make your members feel safe.
  • Analyses real-time logs, member patterns, unlock reporting, and more.
  • Programmable gym access to schedule/limit access during specific hours
  • Auto-generates the most profitable discounts and promotional offers for your members.
  • Authorize gym workers as admins while you are away from business
  • Restrict access to specific gym facilities for members and authorized staff as required.

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