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ShapeNet’s Yoga Studio Management Software is the Top choice for fitness business owners, trusted by both small studios and large enterprises. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to streamline your day-to-day operations, ShapеNеt software can help you achieve your yoga studio’s full potential. ShapеNеt software is user-friendly yoga studio software that has empowered thousands of yoga studios worldwide to streamline their operations, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth.

With its mobile capabilities and excellent customer support, this yoga studio management software stands as a beacon of excellence for yoga studio owners seeking to scale their business to new heights. Explore our all-encompassing yoga class booking software today and grow your studio’s business.

Why Is Shapenet Yoga Studio Management Software a Perfect Choice

In the competitive world of yoga studios, it’s essential to have the right tools and software to manage your business effectively. If you are a yoga trainer or running a Yoga studio, our Yoga Studio Management Software can help you streamline your operations. It is an all-in-one software that can alleviate the burden of managing multiple tasks for the smooth functioning of your gym. It is equipped with many features such as managed registrations, training sessions, membership payment processing, and renewals, and others.

Transformative Features of ShapeNet’s Yoga Studio Management Software

There are a lot of tasks to handle in running a successful yoga studio or classes. Our innovative software is provided with special features to make all essential tasks easy for the owners or trainers.

Automate Administrative Tasks-

You do not need to consume time in paperwork anymore with our Yoga Studio Management Software. It can handle registrations, class scheduling, payments, and renewals. Your administrative staff can breathe easy and focus on what is useful.

Efficient Onboarding Process-

Welcome new members with ease! Our platform streamlines the onboarding process, making it a breeze for them to get started on their yoga journey.

Online Booking and Notifications-

Our innovative software allows you to automate both on-site and off-site operations. From new member onboarding to online registration and booking notifications, we’ve got you covered. Keep your members engaged with birthday notifications and subscription expiry reminders.

Door Access Control-

Integrate our software with your existing door access control system for added security. Whether it’s biometric, password-protected, or QR code access, you can monitor check-in data and control access to particular areas. Moreover, you can easily facilitate remote access and manage expired memberships.

Data Backup and Security-

Protecting your sensitive data in your center is a priority. Our software automatically maintains detailed records and provides online backups for easy data recovery. With advanced encryption, your financial records and member information are kept secure.

Staff Management-

Track your trainers’ attendance, productivity, and performance with ease. Avoid double-booking errors with automated scheduling. Our software ensures seamless integration of virtual training sessions, making the transition to virtual fitness seamless.

Analytics and Reporting-

Make informed decisions with comprehensive reports on member information and marketing campaigns. Track the effectiveness of your efforts and use insights to enhance user experience and customer engagement.

Integrated Marketing Tools-

Launch targeted digital marketing campaigns with ease. Monitor campaigns across platforms and receive real-time updates on conversion rates. Also, utilize marketing automation for personalized promotions and unique offers to boost revenue.

Automated Recurring Payments-

Simplify financial management with secure payment processing and automated billing. Allow members to set up recurring payments, reducing the need for manual follow-ups. Receive notifications about due dates for hassle-free transactions.

Membership and Subscription Management-

Create and manage various membership programs and subscription packages to satisfy different budgets. Provide flexible payment options and customized plans for advanced member experience.


We understand that every yoga studio is unique. That’s why our software is customizable to meet your specific business needs. Consult with our team to build a solution that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

FAQs Before Taking Best Yoga Studio Management Software for Use

With ShapeNet software, you can easily streamline daily operations for yoga studios. It offers features like class scheduling, appointment booking, and resource management, making it easier for studios to organize their activities. Additionally, it provides tools for tracking payments, managing instructor schedules, and handling client communications, enhancing overall efficiency.

ShapeNet’s Yoga Studio Management Software is suitable for yoga studios of all sizes and styles.

Yes, ShapeNet offers effective membership management for yoga studios. It helps create and manage membership plans, track member attendance, and handle billing seamlessly.

Yoga Studio Management Software offers valuable tools for marketing and client engagement. Owners can utilize the platform to promote classes, events, and workshops. It also facilitates client engagement through automated reminders, newsletters, and targeted promotions, helping the yoga studio stay connected and build a strong community.

Yes, ShapeNet makes tracking attendance and performance in yoga classes easy. Studio owners can use the software to monitor class attendance, assess instructor performance, and gather insights into the most popular classes.

Our software places a high priority on the security of your data. It employs robust encryption methods to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring that client details, financial data, and confidential information remain protected.

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