Go Hybrid with ShapeNet's Video Workout Platform

With ShapeNet’s cutting-edge technology, you can revolutionize your clients’ at-home exercise experiences. Give them access to your personalized mobile app so they can view your professionally designed video workouts anytime, anywhere.

Clients may stream a range of fitness routines within your app, including cardio, core, dance, yoga, HIIT, and more. This enhances the value of your offerings and creates chances to increase sales.

Use ShapeNet to grow your gym or fitness business! We’ve helped many gym owners promote at-home workouts and take care of the needs of customers who can’t make it to the gym. Give clients access to online video exercise classes so they may work out at their convenience.

Increase revenue by expanding your reach and catering to a broader audience. Integrated activity tracking enables users to personalize routines and track progress. Join ShapeNet, an honest partner that has improved fitness software for more than 1,000 companies worldwide, to revolutionize at-home training and add to the success story of your gym.

How does this Video Workouts feature can benefit you?

Create Your Own Video Content:

It’s easy to create personalized exercise plans for your clients and trainers. Video workouts can empower you to create custom video content that reflects your center’s unique style and approach.

Event Management:

Our software makes it easy to plan fitness events, unique workout sessions, and challenges. You can motivate your clients to participate in various fitness events to promote engagement and motivation.

2-Way Texting:

Stay connected with your clients through two-way texting. Provide customers with prompt assistance, share important information, and inspire clients while developing a sense of community within your fitness center.

Purchase Video Service with Automatic Access:

Streamline client access to video workouts with automatic configuration. Your clients can easily access and follow your video sets to improve their exercise steps and overall fitness journey.

Auto Billing:

Simplify your business operations with auto billing, ensuring seamless financial transactions. This allows you to concentrate on delivering outstanding fitness experiences while the software takes care of the administrative aspects.

Auto Credit Card Updater:

Say goodbye to payment hassles with our auto credit card updater feature. Enjoy a smooth payment process, reducing the likelihood of losing valuable clients due to payment issues.

New Look for the Member Portal:

We have designed an all-new member portal to give your client a great user experience. Our cutting-edge member portal is designed for seamless navigation and greater client engagement.

So, take your studio to the next level in the ever-evolving fitness industry by integrating the video workouts feature of our software into your business operations. ShapeNet’s Video Workouts Builder is your ticket to boosting your business sales providing outstanding fitness experiences. So, take advantage of this chance for growth and innovation.

Embark on a journey to transform your fitness center into a thriving, modern hub for fitness enthusiasts.

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