Performance analysis and daily reports are a critical element that drives the growth of every business. Every business owner, manager, and the respective teams need to be on the same page about the analytics, growth projections, shortcomings, successes, fallouts to maneuver the club towards profits. ShapeNet Software steps in to fill the gap of time-consuming data collection and report making with our club management reports that present monthly, weekly, even hourly reports on the information that you need to see. ShapeNet Software can curate over 100 reports daily that will help you measure and manage what your team is doing at any point.

The ShapeNet belief is that if you cannot measure something, you cannot manage it. Hence, our reports are easy to comprehend in the form of bar and pie charts. Additionally, data can be easily exported to other digital tools and applications to share, edit, present in meetings. ShapeNet Software’s reporting system aims to provide you with information that facilitates in creating viable solutions.

Reports you can create with our club management report system

Every gym owner is constantly engulfed with persistent questions about how the club is performing. ShapeNet Software enables business owners to stay up to date with every minute development. Our automated systems generated multiple reports for club managers that help them view and analyze the business better. Some of these reports include:

Active Memberships – These reports delineate all the successful conversions in the past month, quarter, or year, highlighting the period where sales peaked or slumped. This report is a fundamental tool in measuring the success of previously-set goals and planning ahead.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Tracking your business’ performance at any hour is easy with a KPI report. This detailed analysis of the club’s financial standing, memberships, class bookings, etc. enables business owners to see the growth pattern and areas that need improvement.

Client Behavior – This report highlights the vital statistics of how prospective clients behave when deciding or trying your club’s services. The graph shows the trends of new member sign-ups and compares them to cancellations, paused subscriptions, or class scheduling preferences.

Failed Billings – Fallouts in billings and subscriptions are just as important to analyze as the high-performing areas. Understanding why members are unable or unwilling to pay for their plan can indicate a need for an improved or different approach towards membership plans and billing options.

ShapeNet’s Club Management Reporting Software – is a comprehensive tool that can help business owners track the performance of their team and plan their upcoming strategies accordingly. Request a demo with our team to learn more about our reporting system and the customized plan we have tailor-made for your fitness club.

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