ShapeNet Founder and CEO Larry King discusses the value and benefits of texting for any fitness business.

Building software is not easy, let alone driving sales, user engagement, and customer retention. In this webinar, Larry King, CEO of the #1 virtual fitness platform ShapeNet Club Management Software, will discuss how they enhanced the platform to include SMS features such as two-way texts, reminder texts, automatic texts for birthdays and billing, and drip […]

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How can virtual fitness mobile apps help members improve their fitness?

Do you realize that the modern sedentary lifestyle has forced many severe health problems on us? We also frequently hear that the advancement of technology has drastically altered people’s lives. As a result of technological progress, many mobile fitness applications have been created, all of which can be useful in enhancing one’s level of physical […]

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What to Feature on Health Club’s Member Portal to keep the Clients Engaged?

Keeping your health club’s members engaged is crucial in keeping them coming back, and there are a few key things you can feature on your member portal to do just that. By customizing the content on your portal to be relevant and engaging, you’ll keep your clients coming back for more. Why is a dedicated […]

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The advantages of joining a virtual fitness membership club!

Running a sports club, a workshop, a professional association, a charity, or a non-profit community can be daunting due to the dreary routine of administrative duties. But with a specialized virtual membership management software, any monotonous workout can turn into fun. Rather than wasting time scheduling member registration, you’ll have more time to focus on […]

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How is Cloud-Based Software Beneficial for Gyms in the Post-Pandemic Era?

In today’s world of technology, there is a lot of talk about the development and proliferation of cloud-based software. However, with so many new opportunities on the market, we sometimes forget what benefits this software can offer those who don’t have the time or resources to develop their own. Hence, if you’re thinking about starting […]

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Top features you need to streamline your personal training business!

During the pandemic, many personal trainers adapted virtual personal training programs to survive in the fitness industry. While many fitness businesses were impacted, those who made the shift timely made the best out of the challenging circumstances. In addition, investing in online personal training software helped personal trainers generate steady revenue and grow their business. […]

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Add the Playful Advantage of Gamification into Member Retention!

The excitement of getting into better shape, achieving personal health and fitness goals, the boost of endorphins after a good workout session, and other amazing emotions are often associated with going to the gym. But it also takes one rest day turned into a week of “I’m just too tired today” for this healthy, feel-good […]

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Creative Ways To Engage Your Health Club Members

A 2021 survey reported that 1 out of 5 adult Americans is a member of a health club, either using virtual services or the physical gym. However, only 67% of them retain their membership for 12 months. So, what happened here? Clearly, people are interested in keeping fit and engaging in some physical activity, whether […]

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What is an e-Signature and how can it benefit your fitness club?

The transition from thick files of paper to a few MBs of a PDF file has been as smooth as it could possibly be, but the switch that feels unnatural is not being able to swing the pen and leave your signature to seal the deal. Well, as is the case in the health and […]

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