Cloud Based Software Solutions

Leverage the power of an innovative club management system with ShapeNet’s cloud based software solutions.

Technology has had an enormous impact on all businesses, and the health and fitness industry is no stranger to the innovations that have impacted fitness club businesses. Today, users have access to all facilities and their membership details at all times with no compromise on data security. In addition, ShapeNet’s cloud based software solutions are redefining health and fitness services.

How does cloud Based Software Solutions work?

ShapeNet’s cloud based software solutions streamline club management by transforming your health and fitness club’s daily operations. Could-based software enables all data storage to be automated on the internet directly rather than on desktops or servers. With cloud storage, both the business and your clients enjoy a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Save time and money on managing the influx of data in the form of sale leads, member subscriptions, and payment details as all the information is stored and regulated automatically on the web through secured encryption.
  • Scheduling and managing classes with personal trainers and clients are seamless and transparent. With the cloud based software systems, the available trainers and their specialties are advertised on the members’ portal that the members can access at any time and reserve training sessions as per their convenience.
  • Cloud based gym management software is accessible on all mobile devices and desktops, making it a highly efficient system to manage and oversee daily business operations without the hassle of commuting and meetings. Hence, your business can be managed remotely, allowing you plenty of time to invest and improve upon the services and client satisfaction.
  • Members enjoy secure access to their accounts and can make changes to their payment method, cycle, and other areas of the subscription plan. All this is possible without the need for the business to intervene and update on their end, eliminating time-consuming tasks altogether.

Therefore, ShapeNet’s cloud based software solutions are not only secure with automated backup and data recovery plans but also allow unlimited flexibility with ease of implementation. Explore countless possibilities with ShapeNet Software by requesting a free demo with our experts!

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