The founder of ShapeNet Software, Larry King, wanted to apply his 10-plus years of experience with designing high-level banking applications for Stock Lending on Wall Street towards building an innovative software company for the health club industry.

This idea was triggered by the loss of his job after 9/11 as the office (located 2 blocks from the Twin Towers in NYC) and business were impacted by this life changing event for many people.

After analyzing the available software applications that were offered in 2001, Larry concluded that most systems were not comprehensive in functionality and were not web-based.

It was common (and still is today) for Health Clubs to run their businesses with several different software systems. There were several gaps identified and the market was in need for a seamlessly integrated system.

That’s where the beginnings of ShapeNet Software emerged. ShapeNet’s software was originally designed using the latest technologies available in the industry, Microsoft®.NET Framework, along with an enterprise level database, Microsoft® SQL Server. The product was first released to the market in 2002 and claimed the rights to being the first complete club management system that was exclusively web-based.

The initial functionality included a scheduler, which led to PT management, Fitness Assessments and a Member Portal. From there we introduced Membership management, EFT processing, billing management services, Sales and Retention tools. One of the core themes at ShapeNet is to listen to our clients closely as to what technology enhancements would best help their business succeed in the ever changing fitness industry. This has led to the evolvement of the latest exciting trends in technology which includes Mobile Apps and the integration of health data from wearables such as Fitbit. We are excited to serve and help health clubs and wellness facilities optimize their operations

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  • SolaJet - ShapeNet Partner
  • TrueDialog - ShapeNet Partner
  • Passport Technologies - ShapeNet Partner
  • Open Edge
  • Keiser
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