What is an e-Signature and how can it benefit your fitness club?

02. Feb Admin

The transition from thick files of paper to a few MBs of a PDF file has been as smooth as it could possibly be, but the switch that feels unnatural is not being able to swing the pen and leave your signature to seal the deal. Well, as is the case in the health and fitness industry, each membership contract must be duly signed by the member. However, this old habit came to an abrupt end with the sudden switch from physical gyms to virtual training due to the global pandemic. As the world was adjusting to being homebound and maintaining their health through online sessions, the legal formalities still needed to be fulfilled. Thus, entered the newly ubiquitous feature of signing and sealing – e-Signature!

What is an e-Signature?

An e-Signature, or electronic signature, is a feature of attaching an encoded signature to online forms or documents as your acceptance of the terms and signing to comply. Electronic signatures have been legalized in the United States since 2000 under the “U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign), enacted by Congress.” This act made e-Signatures legally binding making the tedious process of pen and paper-signed contracts obsolete.

How can e-Signature benefit your fitness club?

The answer to this is actually quite straightforward that it’s almost ingenious! Has digitization of documents and forms made life easier? Yes, of course it has, right? Well, similar is the effect of e-Signatures! Here’s how:

  • Quick & Efficient.The process of signing documents traditionally required the involved parties to be present at the same place and the same time, which was quite time-consuming as one may have to travel or take a chunk of their valuable time just to come to a place to sign a piece of paper. E-Signatures eliminated this back-forth hassle making everything quick and effortless. Hence, your fitness club can provide online forms or email the membership contract to the client, and they can enter their digital signature at their disposal. Ingenious, didn’t we say!

  • Secure Encryption. Time to top that conveniently awesome feature a notch with Shapenet Software’s guarantee of secure encryption. Yes, all e-Signatures that you sign with us are completely safe, and we will send a copy of the signed contract automatically to you and the member. Additionally, once the contracts are signed, members can choose to save their e-Signature or have their family join and add in as many e-Signatures to their secure account. So, you need not worry about any tampering because the software can detect even a minor change or discrepancy in the account activity based on the time and date footprint of the e-Signature.

  • Cost & Time Saver. With membership contracts and waivers signed and mailed digitally, there is no need for hard copies to be sent by courier to each client, thus eliminating any taxing paper trail. In addition, your business will save money by investing in Shapenet’s e-Signature Software, as you can extend your fitness services to clients all over the world now that everything is streamlined and automated.

Elevate the customers’ experience with your health and fitness club by choosing Shapenet Software’s e-Signature services. Contact our team to request a free demo on how you can streamline your daily operations, improve the services you offer, and boost revenue significantly!

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