Add the Playful Advantage of Gamification into Member Retention!

01. Apr Admin

The excitement of getting into better shape, achieving personal health and fitness goals, the boost of endorphins after a good workout session, and other amazing emotions are often associated with going to the gym. But it also takes one rest day turned into a week of “I’m just too tired today” for this healthy, feel-good chain to break. Hence, the most popular saying in the fitness world is “consistency is key.” However, maintaining consistency is easier said than done.

Any beginner or even a devoted fitness enthusiast can testify how difficult it is to form a consistent habit of exercising regularly. It takes discipline, determination, and a steadfast will to dedicate a portion of one’s busy day to fitness. While this process surely seems like the perfect way to strengthen both the mind and body, many people struggle to keep up with their exercise routines due to work and personal responsibilities. When showing up to the facility or opening the fitness app feels too tedious, gym members can benefit greatly from a twist of ‘gamification.’


Is a simple but ingenious concept of incorporating play into workouts. The idea is to make seemingly strenuous, monotonous exercise fun by making them a game or a healthy competition among the participating members. The benefits of gamification are two-fold – for the members as well as the fitness club owner. Let’s explore:

  • A new member, whether they are beginning their health and fitness journey or are experienced but are a new member at your gym, needs to feel comfortable and confident. One of the most significant factors that most gym members struggle with is the inhibition of being in a new place. Gamification can quickly solve this. Trainers can help pair up members into small teams, letting them interact, and soon the new team will be working towards a common goal. This is a great technique of boosting confidence in all members, a guaranteed motivator for doing better in the next round, for self, and the team.

  • Gamification is also a great strategy for improving Lifetime Value (LTV). Lifetime Value is a goal many health clubs aim to achieve through the loyalty of their members. For example, a gym member who is happy with the services provided to him in achieving goals will stay loyal to the health and fitness club. Hence, through gamification, clubs can attain a higher LTV by keeping their members engaged, motivated, and happy with their wins and progress.

  • Moreover, an interesting aspect of the gamification process is as fun in physical gym settings as is it for your fitness club application. ShapeNet Software’s gamification feature can be seamlessly integrated into the mobile fitness app, making it a one-of-kind dashboard. You can introduce virtual tournaments by mixing every member’s daily workouts into their daily target and awarding them with scores, badges, streaks, etc. Not only will this make daily exercise more enjoyable and exciting for everyone, but it will also serve as a great revenue generator, as loyal members can earn rewards by inviting their friends.

Therefore, gamification is fun, whether it is introduced on-site or virtually. The key is to understand the right approach to it. Let the ShapeNet team help you achieve momentous growth through our software services. Request a demo today!

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