Top features you need to streamline your personal training business!

05. May Admin

During the pandemic, many personal trainers adapted virtual personal training programs to survive in the fitness industry. While many fitness businesses were impacted, those who made the shift timely made the best out of the challenging circumstances. In addition, investing in online personal training software helped personal trainers generate steady revenue and grow their business. So, whether you have decided to start your independent personal training business or you want to improve your business productivity, you should consider investing in online personal trainer software.

We have compiled a list of some critical features you should look for when choosing an online personal trainer software to streamline your personal training business:

1) Automated classes scheduling

Many personal trainers often schedule workout sessions manually, which can be bothersome and time-consuming. However, a personal training software with automated class scheduling can effectively save your time and energy. For example, the clients can choose the available slots for training at their convenience without having to call every time for the booking. Moreover, trainers can check their updated schedule in real-time, eliminating double booking issues.

2) AI Chatbot

When you are managing an independent personal training business, it becomes challenging to respond timely to each message from interested leads. However, integrating a personal training software equipped with an in-built AI Chatbot can help prevent the loss of potential leads. You can set up the chatbot to promptly respond to client messages, so when you are busy, the chatbot can collect relevant information from the clients while improving lead retention.

3) Real-time progress tracking

A personal trainer software with a real-time progress tracking feature can display your members’ progress via measurable results. Thus, the trainer can use this data to plan their customized workout plan and help keep them on track. Moreover, when the members see their progress, they would feel more motivated to achieve their weight and body goals.

4) A platform for selling your products online

The personal training software can help generate a number of revenue streams, such as revenue from conducting virtual workout sessions, offering in-app purchases where you can sell your fitness products, providing personalized subscription plans, etc. In addition, you won’t need a separate program to segregate training revenue and expenses. You can generate and analyze all financial reports associated with personal training and monitor business growth accurately.

5) Automated billings and payments

When choosing a personal training software, it is crucial to ensure that it comes with an automated billing and payments option. This way, your members can simply add their cards to pay their subscription fee automatically. Moreover, you won’t need to manually process the payments, avoiding the administrative hassle and eliminating errors by letting the software calculate the bill. In addition, you can also use it for paying business expenses and keeping track of your finances.

5) Automated billings and payments

There are many ways that club management software can boost your business productivity and save you time instead of having to spend hours updating spreadsheets manually and processing gym-member payments. So, if you are considering expanding your gym activities, it is highly recommended to switch to automated club management software. This way, you can spend more time formulating strategies that can help your business establish a strong brand presence.

6) Customization option

It is best to invest in personal trainer software that allows customization as per your unique business requirements. Therefore, it can help in branding your personal trainer business. Moreover, you can customize it to streamline various business operations to boost productivity.

If you are interested in investing in a fully equipped and customizable online training software for your personal trainer business, explore our expert fitness software solutions today!

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