Convert Your Gym into a Smart Fitness Center with a Powerful Gym Video Program Builder

Online and remote virtual workout programs are increasingly becoming high in demand among clients who have busy schedules. As things are resuming to normal, gyms have restarted; however, many people feel more comfortable working out in the comfort of their homes. So, if you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to incorporate virtual […]

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4 technologies that have digitally elevated fitness experience

The shift towards achieving a healthier lifestyle in today’s generation is changing the fitness industry in many ways. Although gyms had to cease many operations during the pandemic, it also allowed gym owners to venture into digital fitness solutions. More and more gym-goers are getting interested in subscribing for memberships from gyms that provide a […]

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Provide an Improved Customer Experience with ShapeNet’s Member Portal Software

As of 2021, there are almost 6 billion websites on the internet, with 2.5 billion users shopping online. Statistically, every month approximately 1.7 billion searches are made on the internet. Evidently, the health and fitness industry is valued to be a billion-dollar industry as of today. This means that there are literally a billion opportunities […]

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How ShapeNet’s Personal Training Management Software Can Upscale Your Business

Health and fitness are a daily, active pursuit for millennials and Gen X. Maintaining holistic wellness while upkeeping an appealing physique is something these generations prioritize. This is definitely great news for fitness and health clubs. However, the current health crisis unceremoniously interrupted many people’s body transformation plans, making it difficult for gyms and health […]

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How ShapeNet’s Club Management Software Helps You Handle All Your Membership Needs In A Single Place?

During the daily operations of a gym, there is a load of administrative tasks that need to be completed. The registration, scheduling training sessions, processing membership fee, membership renewals, and other activities can be pretty time-consuming with a database system. Thankfully, with the innovations in modern technology, you can easily automate many of these processes […]

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Expand your reach by integrating mobile apps into your gym operations

Gym businesses usually have a limited clientele. However, as we live in a digital world, technology has evolved to allow gym businesses to expand their reach. Many businesses who adapted to the digital world early have profited even during difficult times such as the current pandemic. So, if you still haven’t joined the trend, you […]

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How to keep your clients engaged and increase member retention?

A huge part of successfully running a fitness center is being able to keep clients engaged. Even though clients are often very excited to commence their fitness journey, they start to skip the gym, or make excuses. Lacking the motivation to work out leads to a lower customer retention rate and reduced gym revenue. This […]

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Ways to attract more subscriptions for your online fitness program

The year 2020 completely redefined how the fitness industry operates, and many fitness centers struggled to cope with a whole new set of challenges to keep their businesses afloat. However, there are still some fitness centers who coped better than others by quickly adapting to the changing business practices. The need for workout programs while […]

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