Convert Your Gym into a Smart Fitness Center with a Powerful Gym Video Program Builder

30. Nov Admin

Online and remote virtual workout programs are increasingly becoming high in demand among clients who have busy schedules. As things are resuming to normal, gyms have restarted; however, many people feel more comfortable working out in the comfort of their homes. So, if you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to incorporate virtual training programs and boost your gym’s online revenue, it would be an excellent idea to integrate a powerful gym video program builder.

What is a video program builder?

A video program builder is an advanced technology tool that helps businesses such as gyms and individual fitness trainers create a virtual library of workout videos that the clients can access by paying a subscription fee. It is a highly effective way to expand your gym services and customer base and generate a new revenue stream with long-term returns. Therefore, if you are interested in creating your own customized video library and selling it to clients via your branded mobile app, investing in a premium video program builder is essential.

ShapeNet Software offers the best gym club management system with a powerful video program builder designed to create a virtual video library and monetize your videos easily while allowing restricted access to subscribers.

Our video program builder can help your gym business in the following ways:

Creating & uploading your original video content

With a video program builder, you can reduce reliance on third-party platforms for uploading your video content. Instead, you can create your own exclusive video library that clients may access anytime and anywhere by paying a subscription fee directly to your gym business’ official account. Thus, you won’t need to pay any third-party platforms a commission for using their services. In addition, the videos will upload faster and play back more quickly.

Automatic access to configured video sets

Our video program builder also grants automatic access to configured video sets to your clients depending on the subscription package they choose. It makes it easier to organize your video library with an automated video library planner. Our video program builder also comes with expansive cloud-based virtual storage, so you don’t need to be worried about running out of storage space. Thus, you can add new content without worrying about deleting the older content. And, all the online content, including the old videos, can be easily filtered and accessed by the clients as required.

Video editing and faster launching

Our video program builder is also fully equipped with a range of video editing features, making video editing and launching 10x faster. Thus, you can produce and update the videos on a budget. In addition, our video program builder can also be used to create short clips that can be easily uploaded and shared on various social media platforms for promotions. It will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and money.

ShapeNet offers the most advanced technology club management software & mobile app solutions to help fitness centers make a smooth transition into smart gym facilities. Therefore, if you want to incorporate a gym management system with a video program builder to launch your virtual training classes, consult with our team for expert solutions.

Get in touch with our team for any questions or learn more about our virtual fitness solutions today!

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