How ShapeNet’s Club Management Software Helps You Handle All Your Membership Needs In A Single Place?

10. Aug Admin

During the daily operations of a gym, there is a load of administrative tasks that need to be completed. The registration, scheduling training sessions, processing membership fee, membership renewals, and other activities can be pretty time-consuming with a database system. Thankfully, with the innovations in modern technology, you can easily automate many of these processes using club management software. You can make your business operations much more efficient, boost employee productivity and save your staff a lot of time by eliminating the need to manually update the database.

Shapenet Software is a leading brand providing high-performance club management software that will make it convenient to manage your business operations so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business. Our club management software is equipped with a number of tools and features to streamline the administrative process in a way that will significantly reduce the time your staff usually spend on menial tasks.

Following are a few ways club management software can prove to be critical for the success of your health and fitness club:

1) Online scheduling

Gym bookings/session scheduling can be quite cumbersome when using spreadsheets. Moreover, there are more chances of double bookings and other mistakes when scheduling is done manually. Club management software is a flexible tool that allows your members to schedule online bookings more conveniently. It eliminates the hassle and reduces errors such as double bookings via automated scheduling tools.

2) Automated billing

Many times gyms have to face the threat of losing revenue if a member’s credit card is expiring or a member changes their credit card without any notification to the gym. It can be a time-consuming process to contact your members individually and collect the updated credit card information. Shapenet Software’s club management software comes with a Credit Card Auto-Updater, designed to make your billing process completely hassle-free. It allows your members to update their credit card information and add multiple payment options such as debit card, credit card, or other options to keep their membership active.

3) Automated membership renewals

With an automated club management software, there is no need to individually contact every member to remind them that their subscription is expiring. Instead, the club management software will automatically generate a notification for members whose subscription is expiring soon to remind them about service renewal. With an automated gym club management software, the membership renewal process becomes much more manageable as your members can directly renew their subscription from the online portal/app.

4) Auto-generated reports

A gym club management software program can automatically process data and create auto-generated reports periodically to keep you up-to-date regarding your gym business’s productivity. You can use it to analyze various aspects of your gym business and identify the areas which need more attention. As a result, it can provide you valuable insights which can help you make important business decisions.

5) Membership sign-ups and management

Last but not the least, a club management system can streamline the membership sign-up process with an online user registration process. Member sign-up process costs a considerable amount of time. But with efficient club management software, you can automate the process to allow easy sign-ups, which reduces the need to manually add the members to the club database system.

There are many ways that club management software can boost your business productivity and save you time instead of having to spend hours updating spreadsheets manually and processing gym-member payments. So, if you are considering expanding your gym activities, it is highly recommended to switch to automated club management software. This way, you can spend more time formulating strategies that can help your business establish a strong brand presence.

Whether you own a big or small fitness center, Shapenet Software offers customized club management software solutions to fulfill your business requirements. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our gym club management software and its various features.

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