How ShapeNet’s Personal Training Management Software Can Upscale Your Business

31. Aug Admin

Health and fitness are a daily, active pursuit for millennials and Gen X. Maintaining holistic wellness while upkeeping an appealing physique is something these generations prioritize. This is definitely great news for fitness and health clubs. However, the current health crisis unceremoniously interrupted many people’s body transformation plans, making it difficult for gyms and health clubs to stay afloat.

Fortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic hit us in the prime age of digital networks where it’s now possible to train anywhere, anytime, and under the guidance of certified professionals. Whether you are trying to help your loyal members achieve their fitness goals during these difficult times or want to reap the benefits of personal training, personal training management software can make a huge difference in how you operate your business.

What is personal training management?

Whether or not you already have an app for your club, ShapeNet’s personal training management software will improve your client engagement tremendously. Your clients will be able to connect with their personal trainers, coordinate scheduling, and have unlimited access to their training program, etc. This way, you will instantly notice higher client retention and improved customer acquisition as well.

Online personal training management brings multiple benefits to all parties involved. Your clients can enjoy having a personalized workout schedule and timings to suit their routine and your trainers will have clients to work with even when everyone is homebound.

How will personal training management software benefit your business?

Taking your personal training services on digital platforms can be a transformative move for your club. Personal training services are one of the biggest sources of revenue for most gyms. Once you start providing online personal training, you will instantly gain an edge over your competition in the fitness industry. Moreover, you can be an authority not just in your geographical area, but you can also scour the global market trends, acquiring more clients with a strategic marketing approach.

Another benefit of having personal training management software for your fitness club is cost-effectiveness. Online personal training will be affordable for your clients and also for you to manage as you will not have to hire administrators to manage scheduling, billing, etc. Your trainers and clients will be able to coordinate their schedules themselves via your efficient gym management software eliminating the need to hire more personnel.

There are multiple other benefits and additions that you can make to your personal training management system with ShapeNet’s sophisticated software systems. Reach out to our team for a free demo today.

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