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05. Oct Admin

As of 2021, there are almost 6 billion websites on the internet, with 2.5 billion users shopping online. Statistically, every month approximately 1.7 billion searches are made on the internet. Evidently, the health and fitness industry is valued to be a billion-dollar industry as of today. This means that there are literally a billion opportunities waiting to be monetized and benefit you and your business.

In today’s digital age, a company whose presence online isn’t bringing in more sales is not utilizing the seamless virtual platforms to its full potential. So, using these efficient, user-friendly tools can not only make you more profit but also makes it easy for you to provide better customer service. Therefore, investing in ShapeNet’s Member Portal Software for your fitness club can be game-changing.

What is members’ portal software?

Convenience, efficiency, and flexibility are the foundations of complete client satisfaction in today’s digital age. Hence, a member management portal can be a vital component in the high functionality of your club management system. Member Portal gives the members complete control of their membership, helping them engage with you and manage their classes, payment details, change their subscriptions, and much more. This aids in streamlining your administration process and allows your members a direct access to their account and will significantly improve customer experience as everything can be accessed in one place.

ShapeNet Software’s Member Portal also allows clients to easily track their fitness journey by accessing their fitness level chart according to their sign-in habits, book training sessions, and interact with their trainers directly from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, ShapeNet Software also helps in keeping billing up to date, by sending timely notifications to the members about their upcoming payments. Hence, all these services leave you with less administrative and billing hassles, and more time for you to plan your marketing strategy and grow your business.

How will a members’ portal benefit you as a business owner?

ShapeNet’s Members Portal Software is designed to make your client’s lives easier, but also benefit you as a gym owner in various ways, including:

1) Eliminating the need for lengthy administrative work as this software helps keep things paperless. Hence, you won’t have to hire more people to manage the members’ sign-in, billing, etc. as all will be directly handled by the members themselves.

2) A higher customer engagement as your clients will find it easier to manage their membership directly from their phones. Also, they are more likely to engage in the live training programs, additional classes, available to them at all times. Moreover, you can enlist additional products for sale on your website like fitness equipment, healthy meals or snacks, protein powder, fitness bands, and water bottles, etc.

3) Your fitness club’s user-friendly software system will allow your current and prospective clients to browse through your available training programs and book them as their schedule allows them. Additionally, they can cancel or change the timings due to any injury, illness, or if an urgent engagement pops up. This will result in lesser no-shows as the slots will become open for other members to join.

Therefore, ShapeNet’s Members Portal Software is a succinct solution to a number of club management administrative hassles. Our club management software systems are designed to allow complete transparency, yielding higher customer engagement rates and better client retention. So, give your members an unmatched fitness experience by blending the physical and virtual platforms with ShapeNet’s Members Portal Software.

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