How to keep your clients engaged and increase member retention?

26. Apr Admin

A huge part of successfully running a fitness center is being able to keep clients engaged. Even though clients are often very excited to commence their fitness journey, they start to skip the gym, or make excuses. Lacking the motivation to work out leads to a lower customer retention rate and reduced gym revenue. This is a common issue that even seasoned gym owners sometimes struggle with.

So, it is crucial to know how to keep your clients engaged to improve the customer retention rate. There are many reasons that cause a client to lose their motivation. But whatever the reason may be, it is the trainer’s responsibility to engage the client and ensure the client stays motivated and focused on their fitness goals.

Here are some tips to motivate your clients and keep them on the positive path toward their betterment.

1) Communication

If you notice any of your members skipping workouts or haven’t been in touch, it is best to reach out to them via a call, direct message, email, or social media, as per your client’s preference. Simply communicating to check on them would make your clients feel supported and may give you a chance to convince them not to quit. A club member retention software is the best way to keep track of your clients’ activities. It would also help you effectively communicate with your clients through email or text blasts, appointment reminders, and more retention management tools to reduce cancellations.

2) Offer online fitness solutions

If your clients’ biggest reason for missing workouts is their busy schedule, then an effective strategy would be to offer them online fitness solutions. A virtual fitness software would allow you to run online virtual fitness classes to encourage clients to work out at home under a professional trainer’s supervision. It would provide both convenience and schedule flexibility to your clients and deliver more value to your customers, resulting in increased customer retention.

3) Motivate them with a progress analysis

Some clients may feel discouraged and unmotivated when they don’t immediately see visible results. In that case, it pays off to employ a virtual fitness software that would generate regular reports showing the client’s progress. Seeing their progress of how much weight they have lost or muscles they have built, even if it is subtle, would be enough to encourage your clients to keep pursuing their fitness goals.

4) Enhance your client’s fitness experience

Nowadays, many people would be uncomfortable attending a gym due to the ongoing pandemic. Thus, you need to re-design your clients’ fitness experience by adding new technologies such as:

  • Adding a virtual fitness training software to provide online classes
  • Creating contact-free workout sessions
  • Converting your facilities into smart fitness facilities
  • Reducing in-person contact points
  • Using self-service capabilities such as a 24/7 gym door access system for your client’s convenience
  • Easy gym sign up and check-in process
  • Updating gym equipment sanitization practices

Increasing member retention in the fitness community is crucial to keep your business afloat during these challenging times. So, if you want to create a successful relationship and build trust among your clients, it is best to integrate a club member retention software to keep your members engaged and connected.

Shapenet Club Management Software offers advanced member retention and communication tools to keep your existing members engaged and analyze their individual progress against their specific health goals. Our software solutions are designed to increase the lifetime of high-value relationships with your clients.

If you are interested in knowing more about our virtual fitness software and club member retention tools and their various features, get in touch with our team.

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