9 Ways Gym Software can Generate Revenue for Your Facility

11. Feb Larry

As competition increases, owners of fitness facilities, such as health clubs, fitness studios, gyms, and yoga studios, are always looking for new ways to generate new additional revenue. They may hire a sales representative, or add a new service such as a smoothie bar, or expand a training program. And though all these are helpful ways to generate revenue, many fitness facility owners forget to look at their gym software as another way to generate revenue. A good gym software should have the capabilities to help generate additional monthly revenue. And if your current gym software does not have such capabilities, you lose potential revenue for your club. Here are nine ways in which a good gym software can generate revenue for your facility:
  1. Send prescribed workouts for members who prefer to workout on their own, or who may be out of town. You can charge an additional fee for these prescribed workouts and by doing so you can gain advantages: generating additional revenue and offering a unique service for members that want the trainer’s routine without the trainer.
  2. Member retention services. Members who have not checked-in for a week or who have not used their training packages in a week present the possibility of leaving your facility. Lowering your retention rate will help you maintain your revenue. So your gym software should be able to identify these particular members and then should be able to email them as a group about the importance of staying healthy and working out.
  3. Fitness assessments. Giving your members the ability to record their own measurements such as body weight, body fat percentage, and resting heart rate, will promote their overall dedication to health. Knowing such an important information will help motivate them to keep going to your facility because you offer such a unique service.
  4. Gift cards. Offering gift cards and tracking balances in the software helps channel members’ spending to your club.
  5. Pre-paid accounts. Members can add credit to their account by prepaying an amount, such as $25 and purchase whatever products you are selling such as water and health bars. By not having to handle money, members will be more inclined to pick up products.
  6. Online class registration. Providing online class registration allows members to sign up for classes whenever it is convenient for them and more importantly, allows members to view all available classes. In addition, online class registration can contribute to lowering your staffing costs since your staff won’t have to spend time signing people up for classes.
  7. Online product sales available. Increase your product sales volume by enabling members to log in from their own homes and view items on your product catalog and make purchases from your catalog. Your staff can be notified of purchases and they can give that product to the member during he or she checks in or they can mail the product to the member.
  8. Online educational videos or classes. An educational video such as “How-to Properly Execute a Bench Press” is a great feature that demonstrates your level of knowledge in fitness. Make sure that your gym software features video uploads so that video can be distributed to all members within your facility. In house workout videos gives your members the impression that the workout can be done because it was done in their facility.
  9. Member web accounts. Web accounts for your members will allow them to view their membership information along with other useful tools. This is a great service. One tool that engages members would give them the capability to track and analyze their own running, swimming and cycling workouts, or strength workouts. A good software should have all the functions mentioned earlier in this article, such as online class registration, videos, ability to view prescribed workouts, fitness assessments, membership contracts, and upcoming training sessions. Those functions will ultimately promote the biggest value for a reasonable cost.
These functions provide many tremendous revenue-generating opportunities for your facility. If your current gym software does not offer all of these great features, then you are missing out on many opportunities to add growth to your business. Look for right software that combines all of these great features in one, complete software package.

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