A Complete Fitness Software Package Helps your Business Grow

11. Feb Larry

Fitness facilities such as health clubs, fitness studios, gyms or personal training studios, that are not using a quality fitness software are missing out on tremendous opportunities to grow their business. A complete fitness software will promote the growth of your business and make your overall management easier. A complete fitness software can help your club by:
  1. Communicating with members who have not checked in to your facility in two weeks.
  2. Communicating with members that have not trained in seven days.
  3. Scheduling members with trainers, and tracking the sessions used.
  4. Tracking inventory of products.
  5. Analyzing buying habits of members.
But those are just some of the ways a fitness software can contribute collectively to the growth of your business. In order to work most effectively and efficiently for your club,your fitness software should include the following functions, reports and tools:
  1. Track and record membership information. Find out which members have ending contracts in the current or future months because you’ll want to continue business with these members. View new members, cancelled members, renews and reopens for any time period to analyze the growth of your business. Knowing the ins and outs of your members is imperative to member retention and revenue growth.
  2. Check members in using cutting-edge technologies, such as a laser scanner or biometric fingerprint reader. The check in should provide your staff with vital information to pass onto the member such as money owed or location of class that the member had signed up for earlier.
  3. Members can login to their own personal accounts where they can view: their membership information; fitness assessments, along with processed and upcoming training sessions; register for classes online, and workouts prescribed by trainers. Members can even track and analyze cardio and strength workouts, and view videos.
  4. Personal Training and Scheduling. Track training packages purchased; trainer payroll, and weekly sessions, processes by members or trainers. Schedule members with trainers and track sessions. Identify members who are not training or who have not trained in seven days and send an email blast to all.
  5.  Fitness Assessments. Provide easy-to-use tools to measure a member’s progress by recording measurements over a period of time. Measurements can include blood pressure, body fat, various body measurements, push-ups, and before-and-after images.
  6.  Point-of-Sale. Process product purchases, track inventory; employ a quick, laser-scan process; track member purchases. Review reports that detail product profit margins for selected time frames.
  7. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Process monthly paying members electronically via credit cards and electronic checks to make your monthly billing process very easy.
  8. Prospecting: Track and record prospects and log all prior communications and contacts with prospects.
  9. Retention Tools. Identify members who have not checked into your facility in over two weeks; those who have not trained in seven days; those who have not had a fitness assessment in two months; those who have upcoming birthdays, and email blast them all. Also, identify prior guests of your facility to communicate the benefits of joining to them.
  10. Analytical Reports. Calculate statistics for each member, such as average monthly check-in; average monthly training sessions; average monthly class attendance. Identify high-users and low-users of your facility and communicate with them accordingly. Track weekly employee hours, track the employee time clock, and track facility usage by day and hour.
  11. Methods of Payment. Process and track the following payment types: credit cards, eChecks (bank debits), pre-paid accounts, gift cards, gift certificates, cash and paper check.
  12.  Videos. Provide videos, including: how-to videos on executing various workouts, and personalized videos for individual members.
  13.  Miscellaneous items. Track and record gift cards and keep track of card balances. Allow members to pre-pay their account so that counter purchases, for water and health bars, are easy.
Collectively, all of these functions, reports and tools will improve your club’s daily operations. Your fitness software should provide ways to improve your retention and offer additional, valuable services to your members. If you do not have a fitness software that has everything mention above, your daily operations will be time-consuming and error prone. Don’t miss out on your club’s opportunities to market its growth, improve retention rates, and offer more revenue-generating services. Your daily operations will be a smoother process in your quest to grow your business to the next level. Look for a fitness software vendor that has a good track record of working with clients to provide customized solutions based on specific requests. Larry King is the Founder and CEO of Shape.Net Software. He can be contacted at 800.381.2082, or by email at, or visit

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