A New Year Means New Things

06. Nov Larry

The new year of 2015 is less than two months away, so if you haven’t made plans to improve your fitness facility then we highly recommend that you pay close attention to this article. A new year means a fresh start for many. Perhaps some will finally make permanent positive changes to their health, or go to the gym more than once a month, or even take on new fitness challenges. Whatever the case may be, as a fitness center owner, you need to be prepared to accommodate your members’ needs and wants as much as you can. The first and foremost important thing to look at is your facility’s current physical condition. Have you noticed that certain pieces of equipment have been malfunctioning too often? You need to either permanently fix or replace those malfunctioning equipments because as a facility owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all members. So if you have a skipping treadmill, then you need to take care of it or risk having a member fly off the machine. And if you need to replace equipment, we suggest you buy environmentally friendly equipment. Save yourself some future cost and show that you care about the planet. Once you’ve resolved all issues concerning your facility’s current physical condition, you need to take a look at your facility’s internal workings – front desk, cleaners, personal trainers, instructors, the whole lot. Pay attention to how your staff interact with the members. While it should be encourage that staff be friendly and attentive to members, they must remember to do so in a personal matter. You, the facility owner do not want to have a liability lingering within your business because you could get hit with negative attention. Always remind your staff to be, not act, professional. Lastly, take a look at what your facility offers – class schedule, current pricing, merchandise, protein shakes, etc. If you haven’t updated your class schedule in the past few years, you should make it a business priority to create new and engaging classes for your members to enjoy. Every year, there are new workouts and gym fads that many fitness lovers engage in because doing the same type of workout every day can be boring, so every now and then, a bit of spice needs to be thrown into the mix. Your class schedule should provide that bit of spice. Not only will your members have a something new to engage in, you can also attract new potential members. And new members means a greater revenue. A new year should always bring new things, so hop to it and give your members something they’ll be happy with!

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