Any gym can gain clients in January – with ShapeNet Software you can keep them signing up all year long.

24. Feb Larry

New Years’ resolutions are to gym memberships what the prediction of snow storms are to bread, egg and milk distributors. It’s the psychological trigger that gets people motivated to participate. But once February rolls around, the frenzy begins to fizzle and people settle back into their daily routines, forgetting all about the promises they made to make this year a healthy one. Successful gym owners know that the best marketing tool at their disposal is a committed member who achieves his/her goal of fitness. Sure it’s great to see that influx of cash from post-holiday membership sales, but that cash flow can quickly dry up as members drop out months later, perhaps a few pounds heavier and obviously disheartened as they stand around the office water cooler telling coworkers that they joined your gym but for some reason or another they just couldn’t stick with it. That ten minute conversation and their failure could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run – so rather than scramble to do damage control, why not be proactive and invest in a gym management software that will help you manage your members and create a path to their success. ShapeNet Club Management Software allows clients and club owners the flexibility to create a pathway to success. The all in one cloud based club management software provides a Member Portal so clients can register for class, schedule personal training and so much more. Perfect for busy people who need to schedule their workout sessions months in advance or soccer parents who need to squeeze their workouts in between children’s sport schedules. For more regimented club members who participate more often, our software generates email and text schedule reminders. Members who rarely train or haven’t visited the club will receive email prompts, encouraging them to participate helping our clients retain their members. Our payment management system makes it easy for members to enroll and for club managers to manage billing, update payment information, handle cancels, freezes and chargebacks. ShapeNet Software also manages collections and is the only club management software to provide profit sharing for late fees collected. In 2015 there were a total of 150 thousand fitness & health clubs worldwide. There are 34.5 thousand in the US servicing 54 million members. Out of 318 million people living in the US, 115 million are obese. Clearly there is room to expand active membership in America’s health clubs. ShapeNet’s Sales CRM is the perfect tool for managing calls, forecasting sales probability, tracking contact history and managing metrics.

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