Being a Better Gym Manager

09. Jun Larry

Using an awesome club management system is certainly an efficient way to being a great gym manager because anyone that manages a gym knows there are a lot of things to do: employee wages, class schedules, personal training schedules, marketing tactics, products, and member retention, just to name a few. So how can one be a better gym manager when having a club management system simplifies the grind of gym management? There is one thing that a club management system cannot do and that is developing professional relationships with employees and clients. Manage your employees fairly and with respect. Don’t play favorites with your employees. When you hold one employee higher than the others, that creates a sense of inferiority which no one is a fan of. Give everyone the opportunity to prove their worth by assigning tasks on a rotation, so everyone gets to do everything. Treating everyone equally and fairly can help ensure that your employees get along and are willing to work together. Keep up-to-date with health and fitness trends. This is primarily for your clients and to assist your personal trainers. Just as fashion changes with the color changes of leaves, so does health and fitness change with new workouts and medical discoveries. Keeping your clients engaged with up-to-date health and fitness trends means better member retention. Clients are more likely to stay with a fitness center knowing that there are new and exciting things to try out every few seasons. And your personal trainers will have better odds in gaining new clients and keeping current ones by knowing the latest health and fitness trends. Give back to your employees and clients. Your employees help you manage the club and your clients are the blood of your club, so every once in a while, throw a party for them. It can be a Christmas party or a Labor Day party, whatever the case may be, your employees and clients will appreciate that you appreciate them. You can even give out free water bottles or shakes. If you’re unsure as to what to do, then inquire with your clients.  As for your employees, perhaps a small bonus or a get together with food and drinks and games. One last thing to keep in mind is to always keep communication open between both your clients and staff. Communication is key to being a better gym manager.

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