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06. Jul Larry

Billing management is the least favorite job for club owners. At the same time, it’s the most important part of their business. Accurately keeping track of membership renewals, member billing information, unpaid fees and late charges can mean the difference between a successful health club and one that only limps along. As the health club industry continues to grow, club management software is an absolute must, but with so many softwares available, how does a club owner choose a CMS that works for them. For ShapeNet Software, we believe that it all boils down to keeping owners profitable while keeping their members happy. ShapeNet Software’s financial component makes it easy for club owners to be more profitable. We handle your EFT draft, providing daily and/or monthly management depending on your needs. We contact your members to keep their financial information up to date or allow them to update their own information through our mobile app. When it comes to membership cancels and freezes, ShapeNet Software will send delinquent accounts to collection and you keep 60% of the funds we collect. That’s more than most Club Management Software companies offer. We also handle chargebacks to keep members from cancelling. For clients who prefer to handle their own billing, our EFT billing system includes a tool to help you manage members by filtering according to their status. The tool is flexible and easy to use, easily sorting members by status allowing you to put them into groups based on membership packages, classes they take or whatever type of group you desire. This gives you the flexibility to bill your members at different times assuring they stay current with their payments. ShapeNet Software’s billing management system is one of the reasons we were voted “Best of the Best” by Club and the main reason that our clients choose us over other CMS providers. ShapeNet Software provides you all the tools you need to keep your members engaged and active, but if a member does choose to leave, ShapeNet Financial attendants will help you gain a better understanding about why the member chose to cancel by initiating an exit survey. Experience shows that members are more likely to provide honest answers to the survey when dealing with a professional account manager than they would be to a club employee. Billing management is important to club owners. ShapeNet Software has set the bar for billing management. We designed our billing management system to be flexible so that it can be customized for our client’s needs. For those wishing to leave the billing to us, we employ courteous, professional and knowledgeable associates who will ensure that your member billing is done efficiently freeing you up to spend more time focusing on providing member services. Call us today to find out why clients prefer ShapeNet Club Management Software over our competitors.

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