Many Gold’s Gyms use ShapeNet Software and our billing services to manage and optimize their business.


ShapeNet provides clients with club EFT billing service options that allow you to collect member fees quickly and easily. Self-managed or fully managed options, allow you to choose what is best for your business.

ShapeNet’s self-managed EFT billing option allows our clients to run their own monthly drafts on whichever day of the month they choose. Our club EFT billing service is simple and easy to use providing you with flexible draft dates which you can process daily or monthly. It can also correct invalid or expired credit card information which reduces the time you spend chasing payments.

For many health club and gym owners, collecting money is a laborious task. Let’s face it, you got into the health club industry to make money and help others. You never expected to become a bill collector in the process. Too many club owners spend their time trying to collect membership fees owed because a credit card on file expired. ShapeNet Software helps club owners spend less time chasing payments and more time growing their business.

For those club owners who prefer to outsource their billing, ShapeNet offers totally managed billing. Our managed billing team will handle everything for you. From monthly membership dues to bill collection, we do it all which means that you will never have to chase another payment. We also offer profit sharing on the delinquent dues fees we collect.

Why spend another minute worrying about billing when our team of financial professionals can do the work for you?

Whether you prefer to manage billing yourself or want our team to do it for you, click the “Request a Product Demo” tab to find out why large and small club owners are turning to ShapeNet Software for their billing needs.

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