Choosing the correct Merchant Processor for your Business

04. Aug George

Choosing the correct Merchant Processor for your business can be an arduous process for everyone – you are not alone! We encounter club owners daily that share their stories where an outside merchant processing vendor presents them with an unbeatable offer and they take the bait. Down the road the business loses money and the owner feels burned. Whether you are currently processing with Open Edge through Shapenet or are preparing to, we are here to help! Outside merchants may approach you with an offer of lower percentage rate per transaction but may fail to mention other fees you will be charged. Remember that ShapeNet Open Edge partners will meet or beat any real offer! Our Process is simple:
  1. Open Edge will complete a comprehensive financial analysis of your current or proposed rates and fees.
  2. Our goal is to commoditize your rates & fees, saving you money monthly. At the very minimum – we will match them!
Ok – Go on … What else? Added Value:
  • Choosing Open Edge:
Everything about your Shapenet Owners Experience will be streamlined when you work with open edge. For starters, you will benefit from completely integrated processing. And you will have the best support available in addition too…
  1. Free Automatic Credit Card Updater – WOW!
  2. Real time report updates within ShapeNet
  3. Never locked into rates/ fees for the life of you using ShapeNet!
Jenna Powell from Stevenson fitness – LOVES OPEN EDGE. “The credit card updater is invaluable, OE corrects accounts every day that I would have needed to have my staff to handle, it is a true game changer”.   The benefits of Open Edge are simple: Save Time, Save Money and Automate Reporting.

Our Partners

  • VFPnext - ShapeNet Partner
  • SolaJet - ShapeNet Partner
  • TrueDialog - ShapeNet Partner
  • Passport Technologies - ShapeNet Partner
  • Open Edge
  • Keiser
  • TRP
  • Brivo
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